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About MPP

Musical Play Philippines (MPP) is a catalyst in promoting the local and foreign artists, groups, shows, musical plays, theater events, musical events, festivals, concerts, conferences, gigs, exhibits, workshops, culture, arts, etc. in the Philippines. 

 It campaigns the arts to ensure that the next generation continues to value the culture and arts.

MPPs goal is to make Philippines 

a more dynamic, enjoyable and exciting place to visit!


Make Arts Matter in Everyone's Life 

MPP will continue the promotion of  music, theater, culture and arts to the people... to further develop and  nurture the artistic excellence of Pinoy Artists.

Bring culture and arts to the people!

Be one of us! Support our Dream! Be our Partner!

Our Partners

If you want  to support, partner with us, promote shows, concerts,  gigs and other events or for comments/suggestions,  email us at or you may visit and post a message on our Facebook account

About Me

Hi, I'm Nil Sarmiento, Pinoy Artist, Theater Performer, Social Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer. I just began my  journey to financial freedom. I am a proud member of Truly Rich Club and Supreme Wealth Alliance Group (Team Manny Viloria)  - please visit and  and gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time.  

I'm also an environmental advocate who has worked as a Project Officer in a Renewable Company that explores alternative sources of clean energy like solar, wind, hydro and more.

My passion with arts started when I joined a community/parish based group called St. Anne Theater and Dance Company (SATDC). This group has performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Folk Arts Theater, Manila Film Center, Rizal Theater, Nayong Pilipino, Ultra Amphitheater, San Carlos Seminary, University of San Carlos (Cebu City), Fort Santiago, among others. SATDC has also been an official participant to the annual Pang-alay Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines along with the country’s premier dance companies like the Ramon Obusan Folkloric group, Bayanihan Philippine Folk Dance Company, Barangay Dance Troup and more. Its members also appeared in the PTV 4’s “For Arts Sake” and the short film, “Margarita”.

My involvement with the group enhances my talent in the performing arts and the awareness in our rich culture and heritage. On my drive to develop my artistic ability, National Artist Ramon Obusan, and Playwright Frank G. Rivera are the key people who helped and inspired me widen my experience in the field of arts.

Right now, I'm still active in the promotion of arts and help  the campaign in saving the environment. I'm making myself counted in educating the people (especially the youth) in the importance of culture and arts through value oriented Musical Plays like Ambon Ulan Baha, Tao Isang Tagulaylay, Hope for the Flowers etc...These are in the production of Artists Resource Network Association (ARNAI)

My family is also involved in my journey to serve the community through performing arts.


Join  My Drive To Financial Freedom And Build A Semi-Passive Income on the Internet that You and Your Family Can Enjoy

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