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August 9, 2020



BLACKPINK celebrates its 4th anniversary


BLACKPINK is celebrating their 4th anniversary as a K-pop group and they are ready for their new single! In South Korea it is already August 8, the date on which the girls officially debuted as the new group of the YG agency, since their beginnings they demonstrated to have a promising career as idols and have become one of the most popular girlgroups.

BLACKPINK became known with “Whistle” “BOOMBAYAH”, the first one achieved an ALL-Kill despite being a rookie group, since then, each of the girls’ releases has been a success of records and marks in the K-pop.

Through social networks, BLINK created the hashtag #FOUReveWithBLACKPINK to celebrate their anniversary and share messages of love, support and congratulations to the members, who in such a short time have realized their dreams as singers.

Fans have posted various photos and videos of their favorite BLACKPINK moments throughout these 4 years, as well as sharing the meaning the group has in each of their lives and the lessons they have learned from their achievements. and effort.

During her short career, BLACKPINK has become the most followed K-pop group and female artist on the YouTube platform. She also set Guinness records thanks to “How You Like That”, goals that they hope to repeat with their second pre-release on August 28.

With their 4th anniversary and a new release on the horizon, BLACKPINK has become the K-pop revolution. BLINK has expressed her wishes that the girls continue with many achievements throughout their career.


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