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June 17, 2017

The Filipino Soul - The Jung Art Show

The polarities in the Filipino soul overlap in many ways. Depth can bubble up as mirth, joy released through tears, anger is masked by silence, fear by bravado, attempts at balance in an enveloping embrace. We are truly a culture of polarities.

Perspectives on the nuance of the Filipino soul are gleaned from the paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media works of the art show. The artists featured in The Filipino Soul: Malalim + Mababaw = Makulay are a rich assembly of artists who are immersed in their mediums and have expressed the beauty and complexity of the Filipino soul in their art.
The artists are:

  • Ang Gerilya Group (Mural Art)
  • Arlene Barbaza (Assemblage
  • Binggoy de Ocampo (Mixed Media)
  • Caren Carlos-Tordesillas (Photography)
  • Carissa Singson(Floral Art)
  • Cookie Arnaiz(Functional Art)
  • Cookie Guerrero(Mixed Media)
  • Emma Gutierrez (Watercolor)
  • Jose Alain Austria (Pastel Painting)
  • Len Torres-Fernandez (Watercolor)
  • Mimi Tecson (Mixed Media)
  • Niccolo Jose (Wood Sculpture)
  • Oliver Roxas (Mixed Media)
  • Renato Orayani (Digital Graphics and Photography)
  • Sandy Ebrada (Glass Painting)
  • Sarah Queblatin (Painting)
  • Wesley Valenzuela (Serigraph Art)
The show is curated by VESSEL, the Jung ARt Collective.
The Carl Jung Circle Center is an organization that promotes the study and appreciation of the depth of the psyche, through the discipline of Jungian Psychology. Proceeds of the art show will be utilized for supporting the advocacies and library of the Center.
For further inquiries, please email: And log on to the Facebook page of the Carl Jung Circle Center.
ID Center
Chino Roces Ave, , Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

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