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October 26, 2016

Short + Sweet Theatre Festival Manila 2016

THE BIGGEST LITTLE PLAY FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD Short + Sweet Theatre Festival Manila 2016 marks the third season of the Festival. This year we collaborate with a brand new venue – Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati. Featuring 30 Plays, 30 Directors and nearly 100 actors. These plays will be performed over the last two weekends of October and the first weekend of November. Tickets can be availed at the venue prior to the show.
Short+Sweet Theatre is a festival of ten minute plays and theatre pieces. We are the most far- reaching brand of short form theatre in the world. Each year we showcase hundreds of bite-sized dramatic treats.

We handpick over 400 ten minute plays, selected from thousands of scripts submitted, and present them in our Festivals. We utilise the talents of established and upcoming actors, directors, writers, and technical crew, to create some of the best short work theatre across the planet.
Beginning as a small festival of 10 minute plays in Sydney, Australia, we have grown into a global organisation. Short+Sweet has made a huge impact on the Australian theatre scene through developing new, original work with emerging artists and providing a platform for established artists to showcase their talents.

Our vision is simple – a more creative world 10 minutes at a time!

Week 1 and Week 2 Schedule. This may or may not necessarily be staged in the same order.
Week 1 - 21, 22, 23 October
The Assignment – by Greg Gould
Waiting for Go – by Elspeth Tilley
Objectum Sexuality – by Ron Burch
The Search – by Michael Panes
Stargazers – by Greg Gould
Press Pray – by Seth Freeman
Transferring Kyle – by Jonathan Cook
Bob Gets cast out of Hell – by Robert O’Connell
Lady and the Tyger or William Blake's...

Week 2 - 28, 29, 30 October
Wheelchair – by Scott Mullen
Enjoy! – by Pamela Western
Alexander the Great – by James Ferguson
The office of threats to Western Civilization – by Kate Jaimet
Simulationship – by David Straus
Red Wire, Blue Wire – by Albert Jamae
Yellow Means Caution – by Gregory Crafts
How Violet met Watson –
Wildcard - 29, 30 October
It Doesn't – by George Smart
Perspective – by James McLindon
The Proposal
Sandbox – by Scott Mullen
It's all the Rage – by Carl J. Sorheim
Narating Ko ang Langit
Crime Fiction – by Rachel Le Rossignol
Dead Giveaway – by Daniel Guyton
War/Kiss – by Alex Broun
Crisis Line
Honey – by Dona Parise

*There could be last minute changes of certain plays being staged in another week.
Power Mac Center Spotlight Level 2
Circuit Lane
Circuit Makati
1226 Makati NCR
Tickets can be availed at the venue prior to the show Prices:
Main Play: P550.00
Wildcard Play: P420.00
For ticket bookings and other information, contact Vaish at +63918-877-0011.
Power Mac Center Spotlight
Power Mac Center Spotlight
AP Reyes St., Brgy. Carmona, , Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines,

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