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July 23, 2015

Florante at Laura in Star Theater, Star City

Gantimpala Theater Foundation Inc. proudly presents its 38th season opening production Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura ” -- one of the most enduring Filipino literary masterpieces described by many as a poetic art that examines the nature of justice, truth and commitment to fairness, written into a play by award-winning and respected playwright Boni Ilagan, with multi-awarded actor, Roeder Camañag as its director.

The famous Filipino love story uses the theater form of the ‘komedya’ complete with its majestic marches and grand batalia. See how the love of florante, laura, Aladin and Flerida conqyered the warring Moors and Christians.
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“Boni Ilagan wrote such a superb script!” exclaims director Camañag. “His interpretation of the classic focuses on the many facets of love — from its purest form to its most corrupted version. His understanding of Balagtas’ words allows audiences the opportunities to witness Florante’s encounters with love — his love for knowledge, his love for his parents, his brotherly love for his best friend Minandro, his romantic love for Laura, his love for his enemies, and ultimately, the love for his country and the Higher Cause.”
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“We are highlighting the beauty of the language and the elements of komedya,” he continues. “What we give the public now is a tribute to Florante and Laura, as literary characters, a tribute to Francisco Balagtas and his mastery of the Tagalog language, and a tribute to the komedya, which is a true Filipino theater form.
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Portraying the lead roles of Florante at Laura 2015 are Paul Jake Paule (Florante), Ellrica Laguardia (Laura), Ace Urieta (Adolfo), Jefrey Carpio (Aladin), and Sharlene Rivera and Ira Ruzz (Flerida).
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Majority of my cast are members of Gantimpala’s Actor’s Company. I think I have chosen a formidable group. All of them are doing very well. We are pushing them, bringing out their best.” Playing the Albanian prince Florante is Paul Jake Paule. Ellrica Laguardia portrays Laura, princess and Florante’s sweetheart. “If I were to describe my leads, they are the perfect personification of the values, virtues and symbols of Balagtas’ written texts, Paul Jake exudes regal air, bravery and sincerity while Ellrica is passionate, fiery and strikingly beautiful.”
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The supporting cast include Ku Aquino (Haring Linceo/Sultan Ali-Adab), Billy Parjan (Duke Briseo), Julena Dondon (Reyna Floresca), Morris Sevilla (Menandro), Basty Batistis (Antenor), and King Urieta (Makata).
The ensemble is composed of Julius Empredo, Aaron Dioquino (Batang Florante, Kych Minemoto (Batang Adolfo), Masanori Mentuda, Ian De Leon, Sem Pabion, Bong Moreno, Jernice Maturan, Sheila Reyes, Jeanneth Cruz, Rein Ramos, Ronnel Allanigue.
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The artistic team of Florante at Laura 2015 are Bonifacio Ilagan (Playwright/Librettist), Roeder Camañag (Director), Toni Muñoz (Composer/Musical Director), Ian De Leon (Choreographer), Andy Villareal (Lighting Director), Vangie Inocencio (Costume Head), Joey De Guzman (Set Designer).
The Production team is composed of Pauwie Garcia (Production Manager), Rojean Regoso (Asst. Production Manager), Mary Joyce Tejero (Stage Manager), John Sanchez, Cecilia Buban, and Marsheen Arcilla (Assistant Stage Managers), Toots Tolentino (Publicist).
The venue and performance schedules of Florante at Laura 2015 are as follows:
AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, QC:
July 31 (Friday)
August 1 (Saturday) --- 9 am, 12 pm and 3 pm ;

Star Theater, Star City:
August 7 (Friday) – 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm;

Cinema 2, SM Southmall
August 14 (
August 15 (Saturday) – 11 am, 2 pm

Contact Details:
For more information, booking reservations, and show buys, call Gantimpala Marketing Office at (63 2) 998-5622, (63 2) 872-0261 or text at mobile number (63 921) 251-3733 or send email to
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Star Theater
Star City

Star City
Vicente Sotto cor. Magdalena Jalandoni Sts., CCP Complex
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

Friday August 7, 2015

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