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January 14, 2015

From the Vatican to Tacloban - With Love, Pope Francis

When they heard last year that Pope Francis would visit the disaster victims in Leyte, producer Rose Cabrera and writer/director Nestor Torre realized that it would be an exceptionally significant occasion that should be depicted and highlighted by a new stage presentation at Cabrera's Mabuhay Restop theater cafe at Rizal Park.

The inspiration became even more appropriate when it was announced that one of the high points of the much-loved pontiff's four-day visit was a Mass for millions of people at Rizal Park - which was exactly where Mabuhay Restop was located!

What a wonderful opportunity for theater artists to mount a production that devotees could watch before and after Jan.18, 2015, which was when the Pope’s Mass was scheduled! Instead of just waiting for that key event to transpire, the venue's presentation would give people the opportunity to know more about what made Pope Francis the unique pontiff he is, and why he was determined to travel a great distance to pray with, give comfort to, and express his solidarity with super typhoon Yolanda's many victims!

After Torre had researched and written the play, it was given the site-specific title, "From the Vatican to Tacloban - With Love, Pope Francis," and slated to be performed multiple times a day at Mabuhay Restop, from Jan. 15-19 and after.

To make sure that they understood the special significance of the Pope's visit, Cabrera and Torre flew to Tacloban and talked to many disaster survivors there, and in outlying towns. Their graphic tales of tragedy, survival and determination to pick up the pieces and live again have been excerpted and incorporated into the play script, to make it more authentically reflective of the survivors' thoughts and feelings.

Another major part of the play is a narration of Pope Francis' life story, to discover the factors that have contributed to his personality charisma and perceived objectives in life. Interspersed throughout the play are slides, videos and other visuals related to the pope's life, and to the disaster in Tacloban and its daunting aftermath.

Another major component of the production is its musical content, made to pertinently relate to specific scenes and unfolding relationships. To this end, the play's cast is made up of excellent singers who've appeared in many musical-theater presentations, including some also written and/directed by Torre.

Put everything together, and you get "From the Vatican to Tacloban - With Love, Pope Francis," with multiple performances at Mabuhay Restop, at Rizal Park, where the Pope will say Mass for millions of devotees on January 18, with shows slated from Jan.15-19. After those dates, the play can be performed in schools and other venues.

Contact Details:
For bookings, contact Ms. Billy de Jesus and Ms. Mara Salvacion at (63 917) 810-8194 to 95 or at (63 2) 359-7927, (63 2) 353-8752 or email:
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Thursday January 15, 2015 - Monday January 19, 2015

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