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December 29, 2014

The 1st Philippine Music Festival in the Philippines: Fusion 2015

Music defines the Filipino culture. Our history is brimming with it. Our forefathers have carried songs that narrated the story of our lands, our riches, our battles and our heritage.

Music today has taken quite a different shape – there are now genres and sub-genres, and crossovers between music identified as rock, pop, hip-hop, or indie among other things. But today, music still performs that same function that it always has: recall the tale of our origins, and preserve the story of our times.

That’s why we say it is important. That’s why we say Filipinos – especially the youth – should not forget the true spirit of OPM is like.
What better way to do that than through a big showcase of the best living acts in the country?
Hear them play as one in FUSION 2014: The first Philippine Music Festival.

Why fusion?
Today, every Filipino is the product of FUSION – born from a mix of different cultures, ethnicities, traditions, and histories.
We express ourselves best through music – whether through a guitar, a karaoke mic, or an irresistible dance beat.
For CARAT Philippines the festival is a dream project come true. “Music is at the heart and soul of every Filipino, especially the youth,” says Gladys Rondina-Basinillo, CEO of Carat. “We are not just launching an event, but initiating a movement: for the next generations to keep supporting and loving OPM.”
Our tunes reveal our beautiful diversity. We take pride in being a melting pot of global influences. But despite these differences, we are not in discord. Every Filipino shares the same love for freedom, for happiness, and for the celebration of uniqueness.
We celebrate the greatness of Filipino talent, not just within the country, but to be recognized globally as well. The vision for Fusion is to become to music hub of Asia, battling along the lines of Coachella, Fuji Rock Festival, and other music festivals around the world.
We celebrate the fusion of different genres, of the past and present, to become one in our advocacy to support our very own Filipino music.
We are united in the celebration of our diversity. We play as one.
The Music
FUSION will be a one-day festival that will celebrate the legacy and future of OPM. It will open 2015 in a big way.
On January 30, 2015 the MOA concert grounds will transform into a true festival arena. Immerse yourself in a whole day of music through pocket stages, activity booths, and other attractions.
Come nightfall, different acts from different genres and eras will come together in one big stage, and perform with each other in never-before-heard collaborations. Pure music will be king as they bring out hit after hit.
The old will meet the new. Legends will battle it out with rookies. Genres will come together to make a new kind of music that will make every concertgoer proud to be Pinoy, and proud to love OPM. The musical event hopes to put the country in the world’s music tourism map, especially in observance of the Visit Philippines Year 2015.
Among the artists included in the roster are Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo, Parokya ni Edgar, Yeng Constantino, Abra, Julianne San Jose, Andrew E, Abra, Noel Cabangon, Kamikazee, Rico Blanco, Wolfgang, Kyla, Gloc9, The Dawn, Urbandub, Franco, Ebe Dancel, Joey Ayala, Tres Marias, Slapshock, Sandwich, 6 Cyclemind, Kitchie Nadal, and Barbie Almalbis. There will be more.
FUSION will be a night for celebrating world-class Filipino music. It will be a night for re-affirming the conviction that being Pinoy sounds good.
FUSION is the night where we come together to play as one.

For Details, please call Carat Philippines, Inc. +(632) 7500989

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