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September 13, 2014

Call for Scores and Papers: 33rd Asian Composers League Festival & Conference 2015

The Philippines Branch of the Asian Composers League is pleased to announce 'Likha-Likas: Reconfiguring Music, Nature and Myth', the 33rd ACL Festival & Conference to be held in Philippines from 5–12 November 2015.


1. Multi-Media: Music for ritual or drama (e.g. puppet play). May use multi-percussions including gongs and bamboos, found objects like stones, seeds, or other materials like bottles, metal objects, ceramics. May include dance (1-3 dancers), chanter (s), visual elements, and audience participation. Up to 7 performers. Open to any notation – graphics; words; any form of instruction. Duration: max. 7 minutes.
2. Electronic/Computer Music (Motion/movement-inspired). Open for ‘on-the-spot interaction’ with dancers and audiences. Duration: max. 10 minutes.
3. Chamber music ensemble using any standard Western instruments. May include an Asian instrument.* Up to 11 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes.
4. Young Composers Prize using standard Western instruments. May include an Asian instrument.* Up to 6 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes. (Selected representative of the local organization must be under the age of 30 before November 5, 2015)
5. Choral music for adult choir. Duration: max. 8 minutes.
6. Art Song for voice and piano. Duration: max. 6 minutes.
7. Ethnic-Pop using voice(s) and standard pop band instruments (drums, electric guitars, keyboard) mixed with Asian instruments.* Open to cipher/letter name chord notation. Up to 7 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes.

8. Symphonic Band for Piccolo (1), Fl (1,2), Oboe (1,2/Eng Horn), Bsn (1,2), Clarinet in Eb, Clarinet in Bb (1,2,3), Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax (1,2), Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Horns in F (1,2,3,4), Trumpet (1,2,3), Tenor Trombone 1,2), Bass Trombone, Baritone Euphonium, Tuba, Double Bass, Timpani (set of 4), Percussions (1,2,3,4). Duration: max. 7 minutes.

9. Large Orchestra for flutes (1,2,3—3rd, piccolo), oboes (1,2,3—3rd, English horn), clarinets (1,2,3—3rd as Eb clarinet or bass), bassoons (1,2,3—3rd as contrabassoon), horns (1,2,3,4), trumpets (1,2,3), trombones (1,2), bass trombone, tuba, timpani (set of 4), percussions (1,2,3,4), piano, strings (8,8,6,6,4). Duration: max. 7 minutes.

*Composer will be responsible for ALL expenses of the Asian instrument/s and its performer/s.

The festival shall only cover lodging, land transportation, and food of the ACL Executive Committee members, Honorary Members, Chief Delegate, and Young Composers Prize representatives. All other participants will have to pay $100 (4,300 Philippine Pesos) on the registration day. This will cover cost of tickets, concert tours, and other expenses. Composers whose works will be performed, workshop lecturers, and conference speakers, are exempt from paying the registration fees.

1. Open to Asian Composers League members. To non-members, please apply for membership at before submitting your entry. Send proof of your confirmation of membership.
2. Entry must be composed within four years prior to the date of submission.
3. No entry fee for this festival. You can submit up to 2 entries except for the Young Composers Prize (1 entry).
4. Submission deadline: on or before September 26, 2014, Friday. You may mail to ACL Philippines, c/o Composition and Theory Department, U.P. College of Music, Diliman, Q.C. 1101; or you may email:

5. Together with your entry (score; recording in mp3, if any), submit the following:
a. Short biography (max. 100 words);
b. Email address, telephone number, address;
c. Program notes
(max. 150 words);
d. Duration of the piece;
e. Photo (min. 300 dpi);
f. Endorsement from your local organization recognized by the ACL.
The festival and its organizers are not responsible for any infringement on the copyright and use of your music.
Announcement of accepted entries: February 20, 2015.
For inquiry, email:

Composers, musicologists, researchers and exponents of contemporary music in Asia are invited to participate in conference sessions. We welcome therefore proposals for paper presentations and plenary sessions on one or several topics on the theme: Likha-Likas: Reconfiguring Music, Nature, and Myth.

Please send an abstract of no more than 150 words, along with a short biography (about 100 words, maximum) of the proponent on or before November 21, 2014.

Proponents to plenary sessions are to send abstracts to all papers and biographies of their respective authors.

Announcement of accepted entries will be on February 20, 2015.
For inquiries: email
Deadline: Up to 2 scores/works, which should be received by ACL Philippines no later than 26 September 2014. Abstracts for conference papers to be received by 21 November 2014.
Contact and mailing address for submissions:
  • ACL Philippines
    c/o Composition and Theory Dept.
    U.P. College of Music
    Diliman, Q.C.
    Philippines 1101

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