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July 14, 2014

PETA Workshop Weekends

PETA’s Workshop Weekends is back!

Because of the stresses that work brings, it’s becoming incredibly hard for most people to pursue what they truly love. This July, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is giving students and young professionals the chance to break free from the work environment and push through with their dreams of becoming a stage actor at least during the weekends by bringing back Workshop Weekends. Comprising of a variety of acting and musical sessions all held at the end of each week, PETA’s Workshop Weekends will surely provide true theater artists their fix of the limelight and the stage. Offering a selection of different workshops, PETA gives way to the varied specialties of aspiring applicants.

Starting on July 7, the classes that are currently being offered are Basic Acting for Theater, Theater Arts, and Creative Musical Theater. In all of its courses, PETA manages to incorporate the fundamentals of theater such as body movement, music, writing, and drama giving enrolees the opportunity to obtain the experience and skill of a true thespian.

Basic Acting for Theater provides its students the chance to learn more about the fundamentals of a good performance which is just perfect for first-time performers wanting to improve their skill on improvisation and composition. Theater Arts, on the other hand, is more focused on building a background for theater newbies teaching them to learn and appreciate the art of theater production and its history while also touching upon the subjects of group dynamics, visual arts, and creative music. Creative Musical Theater provides students the chance to explore their musical capabilities with voice studies and performances that encourage the sharpening of their musical composition skills and instrumental capabilities.

Enrolees of the Workshop Weekends really get the whole theater experience especially that each course ends with a spectacular production wherein professionals can unleash the skills and techniques they have picked up from the courses and become a true stage actor for a day. Workshop Weekends is an opportunity that should not be missed. Drama fanatics and newbies who have gotten too busy with work and studies are more than welcome to get their first taste of the theater life.


WORKSHOP WEEKENDS: July 19, 26, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 31, September 6, and 7. (10 SESSIONS )

Date of Showcase: September 7

BASIC ACTING – ages 18 and up | 10 Sessions

Learn the rudiments of acting, how to use the elements and principles of composition and apply the questions of a good performance using the body, voice, and imagination. Enjoy creating characters using improvisational techniques!
Fee: PHP 10,000 / 9AM TO 3PM

THEATER ARTS – AGES 18 and up | 10 Sessions

Immerse in a unique artistic experience and learn the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes in theater production, theater history, theater appreciation, as well as aesthetics and criticism. The subjects included are: group dynamics (games and perceptual awareness exercises); body movement; visual arts; creative writing; creative sounds and music, and creative drama.
Fee: PHP 9,000 / 9AM TO 3PM

CREATIVE MUSICAL THEATER 1 – ages 16 and up | 10 Sessions

Voice out your innate talents in musical theater made of voice, composition, and performance. Revel in a resounding feast for the ears in a workshop filled with music explorations. This theater course is for aspiring stage performers who are adept in singing and composing. The course will focus on the elements of musical performance and composition, and study the forms of musical theater with focus on the Philippine context.
Fee: PHP 10,000 / 4PM TO 6PM


The PETA Theater Center. No 5 Eymard Drive, Bgy. Kristong Hari, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines


Schedule an interview at the PETA Theater Center through CHRISTINA AQUINO
(725-6244 loc. 15, 410-0821, or 0906 556 4800). On the day of your interview, bring a valid ID and two passport-sized photos. Also prepare your course fee or a 25% down payment with the rest of the payment settled before the first day of classes.


10% off for paying in full on the interview upon enrollment!


Groups of five or more get 10% off their workshop fee!Groups of three or four get 5% off their workshop fee!


Enroll until June 13, 2014 and get 10% off their workshop fee!


Is it your third time (or more) enrolling in PETA’s workshops? You get 5% off the workshop fee!


BPI Jumpstart cardholders get 10% off the workshop fee!

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