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March 31, 2014

VISITA IGLESIA: An Artist's Perspective @ the NCCA Gallery


Pinoy na Pinoy Visual Artists Association Inc. (PPVAAI) is geared up for a month-long exposition of Philippines' centuries-old churches in realization of the group's vision to promote the Filipino heritage and highlight the beauty of our culture. 

As one with the faithful, the group has dubbed the exhibit VISITA IGLESIA: An Artist's Perspective in time for the observance of the Holy Week.  Visita Iglesia, derived from the Spanish language and translates easily to church visits, is a centuries-old tradition carried out by devout Catholics every year on Maundy Thursday.  Visita Iglesia is a pilgrimage following the Stations of the Cross for the pilgrims to meditate and share in Jesus Christ pain and agony. 
Not surprising at all, the Philippines is home to a number of churches boasting of Spanish colonial design and architecture.  Built at the height of the Spanish regime, the churches' architecture are a fusion of European and Asian motifs.  The popular historical churches included in the exhibit were the Manila Cathedral, Nagcarlan Church, Naga Cathedral, Paoay Church, La Loma Church, Sta. Ana Church and Loboc Church.  The church in every Filipino community is the center and highest point, the focus of the people's artistry, creativity and resourcefulness to celebrate their faith.

With a differing perspective, an artist may see the devotion steeped in the foundation of the stone, constructed of blocks of adobe and steadfastly supporting the faith of the people.  Or an artist may be focused on the solemnity of the celebration as it is embellished in the church facade and in its symbolic design.  Or an artist may be blinded by the lightness of the spirit soaring high up the church spires and the bell tower.  Today, the Philippines colonial churches has grown to be not just the house of the faithful but also as a site of architectural and visual artistry, drawing their share of attention.

The participating artists are: Joseph Ablay, Arlene de Castro- Anonuevo, Ronna Lara Bes, Precy de Guzman- Brady, Yolanda de Castro-Cabuco, Marivel Mari- Galang, Nitz Hernaez, Wilson Marpa, Clara Ong, Nestor Ong, Elmer Ponce Pacio, Christian Regis, Ding Royales, Duds Sagayap, Daricel Serrano, Joy Velasco.

Visita Iglesia: An Artist's Perspective will be opened to the public starting April 4, 2014 and on view up to April 30, 2014 at NCCA Gallery, #633 General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila. 
For details about the exhibit and weekend bookings please contact Bryan Llapitan or Mimi Santos at 527-2192 loc. 512. NCCA Gallery Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. Weekends and Holidays, closed. Please visit our Facebook page NCCA Gallery. Gallery entrance- Free.

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