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March 26, 2014

Summer Lab 2014 - Free Workshops on Theater, Basic Acting and Dance


 SATDC’S Summer Lab 2014 is a  free workshop designed to tap the creative energy and personality of the participants with practical lessons and basic rudiments of the arts through creative drama, creative movements, creative music and sounds, creative writing and visual arts. It will be open for children ( 7-12 years old), teens & adults (13 and above).
The workshop is based on the Children’s Theater and Basic Integrated Arts Workshop Module utilized by Taguig City’s home-grown theater group, ACTION ARNAI (Artists Resource Network) for its new artists/members to discover their innate artistry and improve their personal behavioral conducts relative to their cultural literacy and personal values. This process is experiential learning with the magic that sparks when all the participants make a discovery together.

The module will focus primarily on the participants’ artistic talents and potentials, creativity, and development of their confidence and self-esteem. Items are presented thematically and systematically, all woven into one integrated theater arts approach. There are exercises to improve their listening skills, concentration and focus, spontaneity, creativity and self- expression. There will be a voice work-out on good breathing and speaking habits, pitch, volume, diction and articulation. The participants shall also experience stretch in physical expressiveness, release, characterization, good projection, and creative expression of their ideas, thoughts and feelings about him/herself, his/her family, his/her peers, and the larger Filipino community, including his/her spiritual community.

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