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November 10, 2013

World Royal Heritage Festival in Indonesia

The Government of the Province of Jakarta organizes the "World Royal Heritage Festival," which will be held on 5-9 December 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The aim of this activity is to lift and preserve the cultural heritage of the entire Indonesian Archipelago and to call for peace and harmony among countries through the promotion of art and culture of each country.

Active kingdoms/sultanates in Indonesia and in other countries that continue to serve as cultural symbols and play a role in governance are expected to participate.

Following are the festival's series of activities:
1.    Welcome dinner with the Nusantra Kingdon
2.    Opening of the Festival and the Carnival including a Parade of National Culture and World Culture.
3.    Heritage Objects Exhibition
4.    Culinary Festival (Royal Food Festival)
5.    Art of Dance and Kingdom Fashion
6.    Cultural Dialogue Seminar entitled "Contribution of the Nusantra Civilization to the Future World Civilization"
7.    Closing Ceremony
8.    Post-Festival Tour Packages

Please note that interested parties shall fund their own participation at no cost to the NCCA.

Interested participants may contact the NCCA-International Affairs office through or call 527-2206 / 5237-2192 loc 614 and look for Ms. Kristine Fumera. Deadline of submission of names is on November 18, 2013.

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