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June 10, 2013

Respect and Affection - Celebrating Father's Day

What is a dad? He is someone who always believes in you, and sacrifices everything so that you can reach your potential. He is someone who will be there for you, through thick and thin. He protects you when you are weak, is your biggest fan, and will shine with pride when you succeed. We honor our fathers and celebrate their continued presence in our lives. Father’s Day is our chance to let dads everywhere know how special and how important they are to us.

And what better way to do that then through art? There is nothing more permanent than an artwork that commemorates fatherhood. The concept has long been an established tradition in visual art and in the Philippines it has always been a particular favorite of artists. Whether it is a figure of a father and his children riding home together on a carabao, or a sculpture of a child flying a kite on his father’s shoulders, or even a painting of a father and son flying a plane together, fatherhood as depicted through visual art is not only touching, but emotionally enduring. Years from now, a father can gaze upon that painting, or sculpture, and remember how essential he is in the lives of his children.

Now that Father’s Day is fast approaching, it is timely that Galerie Joaquin opens a new exhibition that commemorates fathers all over the world. Entitled Respect and Affection: Celebrating Father’s Day, the show features works from a select group of some of the finest visual artists in the country today. With works from such luminaries as Master painter Dominic Rubio, renowned sculptors Ramon Orlina and Michael Cacnio, and artists Glenn Cagandahan, Jovan Benito, Aljo Pingol, Aldrino Abes and Bernard Vista, Respect and Affection: Celebrating Father’s Day is an event that pays tribute to all fathers during their special day.

Dominic Rubio displays his renowned practice with contributions that not only showcase his aptitude for painting nostalgic scenes of Old Manila, but framing it within the context of fatherhood. His involvement in the exhibition includes a wonderfully executed art work that depicts a father and his small son promenading at an old city plaza. Horse-drawn calesas scurrying around them, the figures are done in Rubio’s characteristic style of elongated necks and fine clothing detail. Michael Cacnio, the celebrated sculptor whose works are included in many significant international art collections, has actually built a large part of his distinguished career on genre scenes that involve father and sons at play. In this exhibition, a sculpture depicting a son flying a kite while riding on the shoulders of his running father perfectly encapsulates the immense bond between a father and his children. Rendered in a distinctive ‘mid-action’ pose, the sculpture is characteristic of Cacnio and fits well within the milieu of his oeuvre.

Likewise, we have Bernard Vista’s Hinuko, a fantastic example of the artist’s usage of compact figurations framed against a genre background—in this case, that of a father and his son huddled together after a bountiful harvest. Vista is one of the foremost genre painters in the country, and his faithfulness to the traditional motif is complemented by a technical aptitude that is sharp and nuanced. Aldrino Abes, on the other hand, continues his focus on primitive art with an increased focus on the concept of fatherhood. His Piggyback Ride is testament to the remarkable bond between father and son. Glenn Cagandahan continues the light-hearted fare with his distinctive sculptures of fathers and their children on top lanky carabaos - Family shows the father tethering the carabao his wife and child are riding, while Father and Son Carrying Fruits incorporates a basket to the ride. Colorful and wonderfully finished, Cagandahan proves that his increased profile in the art scene is well-earned.

This exhibition promises to honor the most influential men in our lives through a fantastic survey of high-quality art work by some of the most sought-after artists in the country today. Bring your dad to this must-see art event and show him how much you treasure his presence in your life.

Contact Details:

For more details, please call (63 2) 634-7954 or (63 2) 723-9253.

Galerie Joaquin
The Podium

Unit B12-B13, Lower Ground Level, The Podium
12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday June 10, 2013 - Monday June 17, 2013

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