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June 27, 2013

Jon Cuyson: Kerel Exhibit

Kerel puts at its center the narrative of the sea, with an inter- disciplinary approach using performance and film, drawing and painting, sculpture and trompe l’oeil set design, architectural intervention and site specific installation. A tale of a Filipino sailor at work on a ship is weaved in the works.

The exhibit’s intertextuality echoes the fluctuating waves of the story form that is also a reflection about identity, authorship, originality, and authenticity. Cuyson takes his inspiration from the German avant-garde filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Querelle. All tells a tale about the sea, desire, conflict and compromise, dream and reality.

For Jon Cuyson, art making as an inclusionary space that can both question and acknowledge the historical and logical conditions of its existence in the context of the present. Thus, his works emphasize a concern for a site in flux, vulnerable and malleable where change is not only possible but also continuously taking place. Cuyson’s multifaceted activities aspire to open new perspectives in seeing, acting and re-thinking contemporary insecurities about the built environment and our relationship to the everyday.

These everyday activities function as catalysts for his artistic practice. His interests therefore lie in the consumption and interpretation of images in contemporary culture and urbanism, particularly the psychological aspects that (re)define and (de)form notions of memory, space and identity.

Jon Cuyson formed the Department of Everyday Productions as a fictional platform intended for the generation of artistic activities in mind of our multivalent reality. The Department of Everyday Productions consequently is a conceptual framework for the research and development of potential productions. It aims to investigate and mobilize aspects of different processes derived from the myriad of collaborative activities in film production.

Hence, his works reflect on itinerant perspective wherein a mutation of mediums occur in order to open new ways of recognizing and navigating possibilities, not exclusive to a particular medium but together with others.

Born and educated in the Philippines, Jon Cuyson has participated in group exhibitions in New York and abroad since 2004. His works employ different techniques and media including texts, photographs, painting, artist books, installations, video and interventions. In March 2006, he was invited to participate in the Skowhegan Artist Residency in Maine. Jon Cuyson received a MFA from Columbia University in 2010 and currently lives between New York City and Manila.

Contact Details:
For more details, please call (63 2) 254-8498 or email:
1335 Mabini

A. Mabini St., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tuesday June 11, 2013 - Saturday September 7, 2013

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