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May 17, 2013

“What Puring Wants, Coring Needs” - One Act Play at the BGC

Camoco Bafllaga’s one-act play “What Puring Wants, Coring Needs,” brings the cutthroat competition among television stations onto theater through the two hilarious exchange between its two major characters, Puring and Coring.
Audiences will be able to identify with Puring and Coring as they outwit and out-charm each other in order to win the Best Audience of the Year Award. In the end, both Puring and Coring reveal that they are smarter that the networks dictate they should be.

“What Puring Wants, Coring Needs” is both amusing and entertaining yet insightful in which the audience will be able to relate to, and put bets on, either of the two characters.

Inkamouflage is a group of people working in the creative industry, who wish to convey simple truths of life by telling stories that are based around human issues that everyone can relate to. This is their initial offering.

The Story

A satirical play that that examines how television networks play with the emotions of its audiences to win the ratings game, and how the audiences, through the two characters, Puring and Coring, play along to win the prize for themselves.

Puring and Coring are competing for the Best Audience of the Year award. Each representing the base audience of two fictional major television stations in the country, they try to outsmart out-charm each other in a bid to win the title. In the process, they unwittingly expose their knowledge of the manipulations of the networks they each represent.

In the end, however, both Puring and Coring discover that they are smarter than they both pretend to be, even smarter than the networks believe they are.

Contact Details:
For tickets and reservation, visit, call or text (63 927) 972-0906 or email:

37th St. corner 7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Friday May 17, 2013
Sunday May 19, 2013

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