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April 16, 2013

Summer Voice Acting Workshop : Kids and Teens Edition


Project/Event:                            Voice-Acting Summer Workshop
Group Size/Audience:           Kids and Teens (ages from 7 to 22 years old)
Date:                                                  May 14-18, 2013
Venue:                                              3/F 1745 Light Blue Building, Dian St., Makati City 1235


1. Interactive Sessions
2. Workshop-Dynamics


Training Firms:                       
1. Creativoices Productions
2. Mentors Zone

1. Mr. Pocholo “The Voicemaster” Gonzales
2. Kuya Marlon

Investment Fee:         Php5,000

Objectives:                 Voice-Acting Workshop offers so much more than just learning to read with a professional sounding voice.
                                    You will also learn…
                                    – to interpret the copy
                                    – effective pacing and pausing
                                    – proper inflection
                                    – enunciation and articulation
                                    – reading faster but still legible
                                    – vocal and facial exercises to keep your muscles limber
                                    – tricks to get those facial muscles to work when they don’t want to
                                    – and various microphone techniques that will dramatically change the way you sound.


If you find yourself imitating someone’s voice – a character perhaps like Pokemon or Stitch, reading the newspaper out loud like a news anchor, or re-enacting your favorite TVC, then it’s time to officially learn the art of voice acting.
With this workshop, you get to discover the secrets of professional voice artists and dubbers!

 Voice-Acting Summer Workshop by Creativoices

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