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April 10, 2013

2013 Vibe Dance Studio Summer Workshop

A young and energetic dance group is making their mark in the international hip-hop scene.Recently they've won Borneo Streetdance Champion in Kota Kinabalu.
Another feat is that they swept all categories and places in Cheer da Crowdz Malaysia garnering 12 trophies. They have won international competitions in 2007 Asia Pacific Dance Masters in Malaysia and 2008 silver medalist World Streetdance Championship in Netherlands. They have performed in such prestigious shows as Battle of the Year, Singapore New Year Countdown and Hong Kong Times Square.

They successfully held their own dance concert in Singapore and have been invited to judge international dance competitions around Asia while conducting workshops in the rest of Pan Asia. This dynamic group was trained by world renowned choreographers such as Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake choreo), Shabba-doo (Original Locker), Lil Phil (Europe)3ki Rick (Style Dance Industry Finland), FunkanometrySF, DS Players, Bboy Mouse, Bboy Dyzee, Supreme Soul giving their brand of dance the touch of excellence and energy that only Team Vibe can dish-out.

This summer, they will be introducing techniques and fundamentals of dances ranging from Hiphop, Streetdance (Locking, Popping, House, Krump), Breakdance, Jazz and Ballet in Feel the Vibe Vol 6 Summer Dance Workshop in Vibe Dance Studio. It will start from April 15-May 11 (Batch 2) and April 29 ? May 25 (Batch 3). The studio is located at 4th level Don Diego Bldg, Judge Jimenez Street, Cubao, Quezon City. As Team Vibe establishes themselves in the international scenes and competitions, next on their agenda for this year is a Concert tour in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and China. They are definitely the next big thing to watch out.

Contact Details:
For more info about the workshops and upcoming events pls visit and you can call (63 2) 513-8835.
Vibe Dance Studio

4th Level, Don Diego Bldg.
Judge Jimenez St., Cubao
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday April 1, 2013 - Saturday May 25, 2013

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