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November 21, 2012

Ugnayan Festival: Musical Communication in Lute and Zither

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) National Committee on Music, through the Baglan Art and Culture Initiatives Inc., will be holding the Ugnayan Festival: Musical Communication in Lute and Zither at CEU-Manila on November 21 to 23. Thefestival is in

partnership with the Centro Escolar University (CEU) Manila’s Presidential Committee on Culture and the Arts and the University of the Philippines (UP) Center for Ethnomusicology.

The Ugnayan Festival will showcase the beauty and significance of the lutes and zithers, the musical instruments used by the indigenous people in the Philippines. Some of the examples of lutes in the country are kutyapi, kusyapi, kuglong, kudlong, hegelong and fegereng, among others. On the other hand, zithers include instruments like kolitong, sludoy and saluroy.

During the festival, expect a variety of activities such as conferences, musical performances, talks, workshops and concerts that features the music produced by the lutes and zithers. A masterpiece from these instruments performed by different artists and indigenous communities will be expected during Ugnayan.

The NCCA, along with its partners, will bring in groups from different parts of the country like the T’boli, Maguindanao, Matigsalog, Panay Bukidnon and musicians from the Cordillera and other ensembles. Other artists that use the musical items will also join the performances.

This event will be a learning opportunity for its audience as members of the academe with expertise on lutes and zithers will be holding educational talks, conference, workshops and lectures. Academic papers will also be available which will be accompanied by stories and performances from indigenous artists.

NCCA Chairman Professor Felipe De Leon, Executive Director of UP Center for Ethnomusicology Dr. Ramon Santos, Professor Frank Englis and Cordillera Ethnic Music Ensemble Director Benny Sokkong will grace the conferences. Also joining the conferences are composer and performer Diwa De Leon, Peter Jan “Armor” Rapista, Dr. Ma. Christine Muyco of UP College of Music and Juliet Bien of UP Manila.

The artists which will hold the workshop include Cordillera Music Ensemble, T’boli hegalong player Jessie “Mafil” Angkoy, Kudlong and Saluray players from davao city, Maguindanao Kudyapi player Esmail Ahmad, Panay Bukidnon Musicians, musician Popong Landero of Mindanao, Cordillera Ethnic Music Ensemble and Manlilikha ng Bayan Masino Intaray.

Various artists will be jamming the concerts of the festival namely the Kudlong and Saluray players of Davao city, Landero, Intaray, Angkoy, Diwa De Leon and Ahmad, among others.

The aim of Ugnayan is to identify the cultural importance of the lutes and zithers, to disseminate and promote an identity of Filipino culture, exhibit the talent of our country’s artists and groups and to collect prototypes of these instruments.

For more information, you can reach the organizers through their email and telefax (02) 926-0028.

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