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November 7, 2012

Sad Reality About Artists Industry By Hanz Florentino

The Sad Reality About Artists Industry (And How We can Change It)
When I started in this journey of creative entrepreneurship – building a business with your talents, I faced probably one of the greatest and biggest limiting belief “Is it really possible? Could you be financially free just by doing your artistic talent?”
Here are challenges that surfaced:

1. Artists have low business-sense

From the psychology point of view, artists are mainly right brained – creativity, emotions, intuition, and the arts. However, the business industry is founded on the left brain – analytical, logical, numbers, and reasoning. For businessmen, 1+1 is 2, for artists, 1+1 is butterfly.
Plus, artists are mainly self absorbed while in business you have to be up front and engaging. I usually asks the artists in my workshops if they know how to do sales talk, almost always no one would raise their hands.

2. Low Income Opportunities

In our city in Cebu, a regular for an average band, show bands for example they are being hired for only five thousand to ten thousand pesos for at least 2 sets of 8 songs. Solo acoustic players on bars are even lower, they are paid at average of five hundred to seven hundred a night!
The struggle is even tougher for indie bands. There must be an investment capital for your first recording album.
Average theater artists are being paid for around ten thousand per night if you play the lead role. The supporting casts are at least one to two thousands. Unfortunately is doesnt include the 6 month preparation. A rough transportation and food allowance per practice doesn’t do that much.
Painters are paid by their names. If you are a nobody, a charcoal painting could be asked for only two thousand.
It is even tougher now for performers. Foreign artists have lower amusement taxes imposed by the government compared to local artist. So producers are all bringing in foreign talents for bigger profit.

3. A struggle for start-ups

Following the route of starting up or freelance artists is taking down the road less travelled. The career of an artist in this current industry now lies in 2 things either you have a manager or you just have tremendous talent. If you don’t have either of the two it will be a tough way for you.

4. Luck Mentality

Perfect photo, perfect time, perfect music, perfect song, perfect gig, perfect talent scout, and so many more criterias that keep most artists waiting. The sad reality is, most people don’t get it, that luck doesn’t just come, we create our own luck.

5. Death of the Talent

With all the current realities sinking in, most artists have created a reality that shows how tough it is to succeed being an artist. To the point that your talent cannot provide your needs. Thus, the talent we used to be good at when we were kids, when grown-ups cheer us over and over again to dance, to sing, to draw were left behind. Others threw it, the rest killed their talent and buried it alive.

The Dream of the New Industry
Realizing all these, I can clearly say to myself, we as artists deserve better than this, and even the whole world deserve better. And I have finally come to point that we cannot do anything with the current industry.
The solution – START A NEW ONE

The Birth of the new CREATIVE INDUSTRY

An industry where artists are free to create remarkable masterpieces that does not only entertain or bring in a level of aesthetics but give transformational value. In simple terms, Art that moves people to take action towards a better self, then to a better world.

Where each painting, music, song, poetry, dance, each masterpiece inspires people thus start a ripple of change, one after another.
And for them to continue and expand their art they learn how to support themselves by creating a brand that is founded on their gifts. And the brand continously give value to each of their fans.

The brand then continues to grow as it makes its own niche of fans grow as well. The fans then gives all out support to the brands by receiving all uplifiting (masterpieces) products in exchange of currency for they belief not just in the masterpiece but the story of the artist himself.
The industry where Fans will line up every concert, buy every album, watch every exhibit, fall in line in every movie, read every book, and buy every merchandise because they love themselves, and because of that love they deserve the best music, painting, poem, dance, and every other masterpiece.
An industry where artists help each other grow. They love to collaborate, and share ideas and actions because they believe that they are doing their art not just for themselves but for the world to experience, and there’s no better way to bring that strong impact but to use each others resources.

The new industry shall be founded in love. Each stroke, color, tone, movement, is made because of love. Love of art, and love of self. And money shall only be a tool to make it even stronger. It shall not be because of money shall I do art.
The new industry is dynamic, it moves, it grows, and it never rests – it thrives.
How shall I do this?

It begins with you.

This new industry begins with artists embracing the truth that their talents are there to serve a bigger purpose – to bless the world. (And earn by doing so!)

Hanz Florentino, is a creative entrepreneur. Who can draw, paint, doodle, sketch, lay-out, act, do decorations, sclupt, carve, write literature – just launched his first ever book, “Rich Real Radical” – do poetry, do graphics and design, photography, and videography, just like any other multi-talented artist. But he is different in one thing – He is a businessman. That’s why he's here, to show artists how to build businesses – systems of sustainability – with their talents!

You Can Connect with him @ or visit Creative Entrepreneurs

I think this new industry is great and will truly help the artists in bringing their talents  in a bigger purpose. The start of something BIG !

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  1. Easy said, hardly done..You want to shine as an artist..But how to do so, when expenses are high, you have to feed your family; but pays are low....It happens to the likes of me..I wanted to be a ballerina & a figure skater..But our family is in the lower middle class..How can we pay? As the eldest of our family, I have to be a scholar..So throw it out, train to be a scholar..I later found out that I can sing in highschool..But being looked down for being ugly (And being told to stop singing by many since they find my tingling voice super annoying but can reach high notes & loud enough to be heard in & out of the classroom), & there is always someone they prefer to sing to them doesn't help either...Sure if I used my diaphragm I can be heard by from 1st to second floor & at the distance by 1/2 of the grounds in our school (CMSHS)..Still not working...Add family prob & stress eating..Ja mata ashinaide to my voice...So how can a girl like still chase her dreams?


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