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November 7, 2012

Destiyero Theater Commune Presents Cubao, Pagkagat ng Dilim

Destiyero Theater Commune, formerly known as Dulaang Laksambayanan, Inc., marks its relaunch and new name with Cubao, Pagkagat ng Dilim, a staging of Ang Mga Multo, Ang Maligno, and Ang Mga Manananggal, select stories from the landmark collection Cubao Pagkagat ng Dilim: Mga Kuwentong Kababalaghan by award-winning writer Tony Perez.
The pieces are adapted on stage for the first time by Tim Dacanay, also a noted award-winning playwright.

Cubao, Pagkagat ng Dilim explores the psyche of four individuals whose personal and psychological demons are unearthed by the otherworldly: the fractures in a couple's marriage are made evident by the whispering ghosts who inhabit their antique chairs; a woman’s abhorrence of being in a relationship is disrupted by the presence of a mysterious man who frequently stands on the street across her apartment at night; a student’s fascination with two young and virulent sisters turns into obsession, even as he slowly uncovers the sisters’ sinister and vicious side.

Destiyero Theater Commune is founded and initiated by a core group of young professionals in various fields such as the arts, academe, business, advertising and financial institutions who are brought together and bound by their love of theater. The group aims to maintain its projects as geared towards the development of critical thinking and aesthetic sensibility or responsiveness. It aspires to present thought-provoking works which will provide new affects that may lead to a reevaluation of held belief systems and ideas.

Both shows on November 8 and the 5:30PM show on November 9 are fully booked already but tickets are still available for the rest of the play dates. Walk-ins are discouraged because the venue has limited seating capacity.

Contact Details:
For ticket reservations, please call (63 916) 220-5097 or email:
Cafe Alicia
Orchid Garden Suites

Friday November 9, 2012
Thursday November 15, 2012
Friday November 16, 2012

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