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October 19, 2012

Pole Dancing By Pole Academy Philippines

Pole dancing is fast gaining popularity in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. What was once regarded as an attraction solely confined in strip clubs, bars and gentlemen’s clubs has now gained recognition as a serious sport and a kind of performance art.
Pole Academy Philippines, the country’s premiere school for pole dancing, is part of a mission to elevate pole dancing’s reputation. The group is preparing for their encore performance on October 20 entitled, “Jazz le Pole 2012: The Repeat” named after the school’s original pole dance syllabus.

The show is also for the benefit of WE International Philippines, a non-profit organization that raises awareness if and provides sustainable ways ti respond to poverty in the country. Last August, Pole Academy Philippines raised enough funds to send a scholar from Smokey Mountain community and they hope to do even more this October 20th.

Creative director and Philippine pole pioneer, Ed Aniel developed the syllabus, which combines pole vocabulary with more traditional dances such as ballet and jazz, bringing forth a seamless, fluid and breathtaking performance. “Jazz le Pole!” will showcase various pole dancing moves, tricks and dance, presented in full grandeur, through the help of artful costumes, music, and stage design.

Tickets are at P500.

Contact Details:
For tickets, please call Arts in the City at (63 2) 399-2211.
Arts in the City
Bonifacio Arts Center

FVR Park 26th St., Bonifacio Arts Center
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Saturday October 20, 2012

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