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October 29, 2012

Intercontinental Mail Art Exhibition 2013

Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Romania
United Nations Staff Recreation Council, NY, USA

In partnership with
Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, NY, USA
UNSRC, Latin Workshop Society, New York
Portuguese language Society, New York
"Liviu Rebreanu" Cultural Center Aiud, Romania


The Intercontinental Mail Art Exhibition
United Nations
Nations - Water - Cultures
New York 2013

"Inter-Art": 20th Anniversary edition of Mail Art

about the project
International Year of Water Cooperation

The United Nations dedicates the year 2013 to water cooperation. We are launching a global invitation to nations and cultures to express through art specific features using a universal connection: WATER, the symbol of life on Earth.

The "Inter-Art" Foundation Aiud wishes to bring a tribute to the Mail Art phenomenon, which, over the years, has brought an alternative approach to the field of art. Mail Art was the only way to display on an international level works by thousands of artists from different countries of the world.

Along with other organizations and people from over the whole world, the "Inter-Art" Foundation Aiud contributed efficiently to the evolution of the phenomenon, offering 20 different themes and hosting hundreds of participants from over the world.

The 20th anniversary wishes to be a complex exhibition, inviting artists from all member countries of the United Nations to participate. Through this project we hope to include a list of participants from all 193 countries and to prove that, through art, we can bring about a better world - one of freedom and coexistence, of cooperation and understanding, and of unity between people, nations, and cultures.

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details of participation
Theme of the works: "United Nations: Nations - Water - Cultures"

Technique: free (we accept only works on paper, cardboard or canvas without frames)
Number of works: maximum of 3 works
Dimension: maximum A4 / Letter size (21x29,7cm | 8,26x11,69 inch)
The works are to be sent unframed

Deadline: 1st January 2013, 12.00 AM (arrival date of the works)

Each participant must send the entry form (*) and a personal biography.
/* the entry form can either be downloaded here ( ), or requested by email at

catalogue / the works / exhibition
All participants will receive by email the digital catalogue of the exhibition.

The works will not be returnable; they will enter into the “Inter-Art” Foundation's patrimony.

Time and place of the exhibition: September 2013, United Nations Headquarters, New York
sending the works
Please send your works to:

"Inter-Art" Foundation Aiud
Ştefan Balog
515200 - Aiud, C.P. 40
Judeţul Alba, Romania

The contest accepts ONLY works sent as letters, in an envelope, not a package. Specify: no commercial value

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