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September 4, 2012

Tony Twigg's New Exhibition at Galleria

Dreaming of clear skies and full moons? Tony Twigg’s new exhibition at Galleria Duemila offers a place of poetic sanctuary. Titled Moon Bathing, this group of signature timber wall sculptures and drawings by Twigg takes a different path - one as abstracted as the moon’s flight: distant, sentimental, familiar, and enchanting.

Looking across this exhibition, we - as viewers - are spatially engaged. That is, standing in front of these paintings they pop and jive off the wall with an energy that excites us visually. We become physically alert, and they capture and lead our eye, not unlike the moon snaring our attention on a clear night.

Twigg surmised gazing at his exhibition, “These works suggest something about the way the moon popped out of the earth long ago in cosmic history and continues to shine an intangible and reflective light on our world - a kind of moon bathing that embraces all regardless of place, religion, or time.”

Marking twenty years of working in the Philippines, Twigg is back in Manila for this exhibition. On returning he says, “There is nothing better than drinking a San Miguel watching the moon hover over Manila bay. It’s a blur that lends color, shape, even weight to the city behind, an abstraction that finds its way into this exhibition.”

Stepping from elegant conversations in black and white to primary colors, Twigg’s painted constructions move between a controlled drawn mark and the poetic expression that is a Filipino experience.

Twigg continues, “My work is born of a need to make things. To be engaged in the process of putting things together in a way that seems to be coherent. For me this involves assembling simple timber shapes into sequential patterns that have a beginning and an end. It has an organic geometry that is common in the natural world. I feel that my artworks achieve an expression of life that does not require any further elaboration through narrative ‘meaning’ or figuration. For me the work is complete as an abstraction of life, realized in its own making.”

About the Artist

2013 will mark 20 years of Tony Twigg visiting and working in the Philippines. While he has become a significant fixture in this art scene ? the only foreign artist collected by important local Museums such as the Ateneo Art Gallery and the BenCab Museum ? he also holds a strong place within an international art arena with over 40 solo exhibitionspresented in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.S.A. Over his long career Twigg has also been known for his multi-disciplinary and film works, included in the iconic Cannes Film Festival. However, in more recent years his works have grown in scsale, working with preeminent architects, in Singapore in particular, to realize commissioned installations in Malaysia, India, Thailand and Singapore.He received his Master of Visual Arts in 1985 and was a recipient of prestigious Australia Council Manila Studio Grant (1996), RimbunDahan Malaysian residency (2005), TARP Residency TAKSU Kuala Lumpur (2009), and after this visit to Manila will travel to Beijing to complete a residency with the celebrated Red Gate Gallery. Twigg’s work is held in major museum collections andin private and corporate collections across Southeast Asia and Australia. His monograph “Encountering the Object” was published in 2008, and the year ahead will see exhibitions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.

Contact Details:
For more details, please call (63 2) 833-9815, (63 2) 831-9990, (63 927) 629-4612 or email:
Galleria Duemila
Loring St.

210 Loring Street
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

Saturday September 8, 2012 - Saturday November 3, 2012

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