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September 21, 2012

St. Anne Theater and Dance Company's Mission and Vision


To devote our artistic talents and unselfish time and energy in the name of humble and profound service to the community of Saint Anne, our Patroness, through various cultural performances, thus, developing the youth of Taguig towards possessing social responsibility, cultural identity, positive Christian values, discipline and artistic excellence. 


A church-based, service-oriented, social responsible youth of Taguig, committing his youth, unselfish time, and God-given artistic talents, in the service for St. Anne, towards becoming an effective and efficient member and an asset of the Catholic community.


1. To train the youth of Taguig in enhancing their God-given talents in the performing arts and become part of the church based cultural group;

2. To hone the members in possessing positive Christian values and personal discipline through various performances in support of pastoral and cultural activities and ceremonies;

3. To promote social responsibility and cultural identity of the youth of their place of origin.


Artistic Excellence
Social Responsibility
Cultural Identity
Profound Service and Discipline

The St. Anne Theater and Dance Company is one of the partners of Musical Play Philippines in the promotion of music, theater, culture and arts to the people.

Make Arts Matter In Everyone's Life...

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