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September 29, 2012

Philippine High School for the Arts Search for Scholars 2013

The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) conducts screening of applicants yearly to identify and develop artistically gifted and talented children by implementing a special secondary education curriculum and support programs to provide the country with a continuing source of artists of excellence and leaders in the conservation and promotion of the Filipino artistic and cultural traditions.  Download APPLICATION FORM

The successful applicant is awarded free tuition fee, board and lodging, classes with master teachers, a monthly stipend, plus the chance to represent the country and the school in international festivals, competitions and exchange programs. The grant is renewable every year for four consecutive school years upon satisfaction of academic and non-academic requirements.

The Basic Education subjects prescribed by the Department of Education are in the PHSA curriculum. These subjects are handled distinctively in support of the specialized studies for creative and artistic expressions in the following disciplines -
  • Creative Writing (Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, and Journalism in English and Filipino)
  • Dance (Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Philippine Folk Dance, Dance Composition and Staging)
  • Music (Solo Voice/Solo Instrument, Theory, Composition, and Ensemble Classes (Chorus and Chamber)
  • Theater Arts (Acting, Production Management, Technical Theater, History of the Theater, Theater Theory and Directing)
  • Visual Arts (Visual Perception, Sculpture, Art Appreciation, Studio Painting, Materials and Techniques, Figuration, Pottery, and Printmaking)
Elective courses which complement the major courses of study in the arts are also offered to the students on a semestral basis.

As a state-supported special secondary school, PHSA accepts only a limited number of freshmen every year. Annual intake averages forty to fifty students only to ensure a more individualized and differentiated academic and arts training programs possible.
To be eligible for scholarship, applicants must –
  • be Filipino citizens with no pending application as immigrant to a foreign country;
  • have an outstanding ability in an art discipline;
  • have an above-average general intelligence;
  • be graduating Grade VI or VII pupils at the time of application (Important: current HS-I students may apply subject to evaluation by the ANSYAS Committee);
  • be able to take up the scholarship in the School Year for which it is granted;
  • not be older than 15 years upon enrolment in PHSA;
  • be proficient in oral and written Filipino and English;
  • be willing to study in a boarding school;
  • identify a Legal Guardian residing in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, or Batangas; (students are required to go on homeleave to their parents or designated legal guardian during weekends.)
  • have no debilitating illnesses or systemic and/or communicable diseases such as serum sickness, congenital heart disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, hepatitis A and/or B, untreated primary complex, chronic otitis media, malaria, bronchial asthma, and/or seizures/involuntary tremors;
and be determined to pursue a college degree in Dance, Creative Writing, Architecture, Fine Arts, Music, Theater Arts, Journalism, or any related course upon graduation from the PHSA.
Downloadable application form and pertinent information about the school and the scholarship are available from the following websites -;; and
For inquiries, write or call the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars (ANSYAS), Philippine High School for the Arts, National Arts Center, Mt Makiling, Los Baños 4030, Laguna
Telefax: (049)-5365971

Deadline of submission of application forms is on OCT. 31, 2012.

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