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September 15, 2012

Intuition A 2nd Solo Art Exhibition By Lhean Villanueva

There are times when artists walk through their journey and come to a standstill. The fire just dies. They just can't break through the brick walls. They leave and retreat into the recesses of their own sanctuaries away from the world that used to fascinate them. It doesn’t take that long however; ART feeds the artists' souls. From the darkest days, they emerge out of the shadows.

Intuition doesn’t hope to express in words as the word itself says it all. Sometimes there are things we can’t explain; we just strongly feel they are right and soon discover that they are. Nonetheless as Psychologist Carl Jung theorized, intuition is something inherent in humans, elevating our awareness to something metaphysical, and helps us understand ourselves as well as others.

The exhibit will showcase oil and acrylic paintings on canvas as well as mixed media works on paper. Spontaneous as the creation of each piece to the mounting of this whole art show, each artwork captures quick expressions of vivid thoughts almost done directly unto canvas or paper without much of planning, premeditation or technical humdrum. The artist freely makes changes as she creates art on paper and canvas; filled with flowing downward lines, curls that remind her of the waves on the beach; and frenzied strokes on objects - a paradox inherent in the act of creation. The color on the palette shows the intensity that needs to be contained now and again but comes rushing out in a moment of catharsis.

Since she started painting and doodling, the evolution of her art pieces has been influenced by a few of her favorite local and international painters. The artist hopes to allow her art to evolve freely and not be constrained to labels such as surrealistic or figurative abstract.

Motivated by her beliefs in something intangible yet perceptible, her paintings and drawings portray images of dreams, desires, an allure of nature, skulls, castles in the sky and visions of ethereal creatures all formed through the innate yearning to paint and doodle.

During her painting process, she experimented with strokes of the pen on canvas through her brushes. In the end, her brushes always produce a different outcome: a more magical one. Nevertheless, she enjoys creating her pieces using any medium never limiting her artistry to one. As such, what can’t be expressed on canvas, she does so in words.

Spontaneous. Liberated. A simple grasp of the creative instincts. This is the artist’s works are all about as they evolve through time, she wants to share her works through this exhibit with the aim to inspire and share what makes her happy.

Lhean, who studied Fine Arts and Mass Communications in UP, specializes in Training and Development for an IT-IS company. She feels that the rules and disciplines she learns from the corporate world keeps her balanced and make her a ‘normal’ member of the society.She loves to speak in a roomful of people and engage them in a collective conversation apart from the knowledge that she has to impart to them. At times, the hunger to express her thoughts comes out in unexpected ways so at the end of the day she channels her thoughts to her sketchbooks and canvases. After all, she is, first and foremost an artist.

Through this exhibit, she hopes to stay for good and do more shows in the future, both in mainstream and alternative galleries. She loves to simply be home with art aficionados and her artist friends.

Meet the artist at the opening reception on September 18, 7:00 PM at Quantum Café. Exhibit runs until October 2.

Contact Details:
For further information please contact Quantum Café at (63 2) 519-0757 or email:
Quantum Cafe
Kamagong St.

Tuesday September 18, 2012 - Tuesday October 2, 2012

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