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September 9, 2012

Gerrico Blanco's One Man Show

For a new artist, it marks a breaking into the scene, and a declaration of commitment to the arts. But for an artist who has achieved relative renown and patronage for his craft, as Gerrico has, the first solo exhibit is more than just breaking ground, it is rather staking it and claiming a piece of it for his own, as a full-time artist.

A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Gerrico has been a consistent finalist in the prestigious Shell National Students Art Competition during his college days (1993-1997), and has joined roughly forty group exhibits and represented in several art fairs here and in Singapore before deciding to have his first much anticipated one-man show. A member of the Saturday Group since 2001, he has been mentored by his uncles Magoo Valencia and Franklin “Caña” Valencia, both acclaimed artists from the same group.

They also helped him with his first job as a graphic Designer. His parents Violeta and Arturo relate that since age 3, Gerrico has been drawing super heroes and robots that were quite accurate in their depiction. From such an early age, Gerrico has always had the gift and the passion for verisimilitude. His works have always dealt with the duality of despair and hope, but have, since the birth of his first born in 2005, positively focused more on the latter. It is in this vein that Origin, Gerrico’s first one-man show, is presented.

Origin capitulates much of Gerrico’s work so far, and points the trajectory of what we can be expecting from him. We see how Gerrico is not just an adept portraitist, but a master storyteller who shares parables and tales addressed to us as individuals and as a nation. Saying his thoughts through children and their simple innocence, we are brought back to a place and time we are all familiar with, and knowingly or unknowingly long for. Origin is an affirmation of the goodness in humanity, where our faith is restored and we can be free, happy and full of potential. Through the works in this first one-man show, Gerrico restores us, individually and as a nation, back to that state of grace- our original state.

Contact Details:
For more details, please call (63 917) 523-0877 or email:
Artes Orientes Gallery
Serendra Piazza

2nd Level, Serendra Piazza
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Wednesday September 12, 2012 - Saturday September 22, 2012

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