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September 12, 2012

Claudio Bravo - Sojourn in Manila

In celebration of strengthening ties between Chile and the Philippines, the Embassy of Chile and Energy Development Corporation (EDC) present Claudio Bravo: Sojourn in Manila, a landmark exhibit that open on September 18, 2012 at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The inauguration of the exhibit is timed to coincide with the National Day celebraton of Chile.
The paintings of Bravo produced during his stay in Manila in 1968 will be featured in the exhibit. Bravo looked back at his work in the Philippines as his “most lucid paintings, because it was a different race ?beautiful! ...a different vision of the world and of light.”

Bravo was born in Valparaiso, Chile in 1936 and passed away last year in Taroudant, Morocco. He took art lessons with Miguel Venegas Cifuentes, dancing with the Compania de Ballet de Chile and acting at the Teatro Ensayo. Painting, however, would become his ultimate vocation. At 17 he held his first solo exhibition. He then moved to the southern city of Conception and quickly gained several portrait commissions. His earnings would allow him to move to Madrid in 1961, where he perfected his craft and gained recognition for his technical virtuosity and hyperrealistic style. It was not long before he became a sought after portraitist amongst social luminaries.

Oscar M. Lopez, Chairman Emeritus of EDC says, “In those portraits, in the glamour and spirit of the personalities he depicted, one cannot but sense the optimism, confidence, vitality and sense of pride, but also the innocence, that characterized the Philippines, and the Manila, of the 1960s.” This would be the last body of portraits Bravo would ever produce before being catapulted into the international contemporary art scene for the hyperrealist still lifes that would eventually define his career.

As geothermal energy producer EDC expands its offices to Chile for what it hopes will be a long and fruitful collaboration, the exhibit commemorates the late artist on the 202nd anniversary of the Independence of Chile. His Excellency Ambassador Roberto Mayorga of the Embassy of Chile says, “We are totally convinced that - along with diplomatic, political and economic relationships - cultural links are fundamental to build bridges of understanding and unity among nations”

Claudio Bravo: Sojourn in Manila is open to the public on September 19 and will run until October 20, 2012. The exhibit will be accompanied by weekly activities on Saturdays, including a curator’s talk, portraiture lecture and drawing session.

Contact Details:
For details on the exhibit, please call (63 2) 708-7829.
Metropolitan Museum Of Manila
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Complex

Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Complex
A. Mabini St., Roxas Blvd.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Wednesday September 19, 2012 - Saturday October 20, 2012

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