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August 17, 2012

Works of Epjey Pacheco, Dave Lock and Iya Consorio

Secret Fresh presents three artists who has a shared aptitude for detailed work and a maximalist approach to a layering process of figurative representation. The gallery, subdivided into three sections would feature the works of Epjey Pacheco, Dave Lock and Iya Consorio.

Dave Lock presents us permutations of neurosis that begs more than Rorschach readings on the psyche of contemporary man as the artist pondering on being, evolution and theosophy. He'll be rounding out this series with a new set of prints and a mannequin bust fleshed out as one of his tormented contorted figure from his distinctive lexicon of expressive anatomia.

Iya Consorio's
ink drawings richly weaves personas, encounters and symbols in a series of " portrait tapestries" mined from the tradition of Japanese prints in creating such pulpy stratas of reading from a work that begets rather epic interpretation, with each portrait being a novella of its own.

Meanwhile at Gallery B, simultaneously opening with this is a three-man show by Tawnie Tantay, Genepaul Martin and JJ Zamoranos in an exhibit enunciating the whimsy of childlike fantasies tinctured with sordid views of adulthood. The exhibit titled "Secret Dreams and What Ifs" will be accompanied by a performance by Zomtendo, an electronic musician who primarily uses a Nintendo Gameboy console as an instrument.

Contact Details:
For more details, please call (632) 570-9815 loc 7 or email:
Secret Fresh

Ground Level, Ronac Art Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Sunday August 19, 2012 - Tuesday September 11, 2012

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