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August 31, 2012

Studio Tacloban Study Center for Children in the Seawall Slum Community

Architecture students Ivar Tutturen, Trond Hegvold and Alexander E. Furunes have initiated and built a study centre in Tacloban, the Philippines, in collaboration with NGO Streetlight and the local community. Completed in summer 2011, the study centre serves children in the seawall slum community of the city of Tacloban, and was built by the architects and local families.

The architects, who form design and make group Studio Tacloban and integrate non-profit studio Workshop, promoted a series of workshops — drawing, making and testing, devised in collaboration with Streetlight's nurse Nerren Homeres — which sought to use the architectural process as a tool to allow parents to improve earning conditions for their children.

See details and photos here.

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