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August 17, 2012

50 Artists Gather in Angono this August

FIFTY artists of Angono, Rizal - the Arts Capital of the Philippines - come together in an art exhibition from August 12 to 18, 2012.

The exhibition titled “Bayanihan, A Convergence of Angono’s Art Expressions” features known and respected visual artists such as Nemiranda, the Blanco family, Pepito Villaluz, Orville Tiamson, Perdigon Vocalan, Carlos Francisco III, Wire Tuazon among others. A wide selection of traditional realistic paintings, abstract and cutting edge contemporary style will be on display at the Nemiranda Art Café, the Blanco Family Museum and The Second Gallery in Angono, Rizal.

Although the town has previously witnessed similar exhibitions, this will be the first time for all the active artists to collaborate as one group for the love of their hometown, Angono, which is celebrating its 74th Foundation Day this month. The works of international artists Nino Quartana and Olivia d’Aboville will also be on display. Opening ceremonies will be held at the Villa Jhoana Resort, Ibanez Street, Barangay San Isidro, Angono, Rizal on August 12 at 4 pm.

The event, co-presented by the renowned footwear brand ‘Ipanema’, is made possible through the support of the Angono Municipal Government with the kind participation of the Cultural Department of the Italian Embassy in Manila. On August 20, 2012, a catalogue of participating artists and their works will also be launched.

For details call: Sara Luisa Siri (Event Director) 0922-5546685 and Tourism Officer Patnubay Tiamson 0906-4612403 and 0929-2544159.


  1. Event Background
The town of Angono benefits from an extraordinary richness in art and culture. Known for the Higantes Festival, holy week celebration and home of two national artists Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco and Lucio San Pedro, the town continues to boast contemporary talents that excel in different artistic disciplines as visual arts and music. Witness to this, are the numerous local art groups and associations present in Angono, created with the goal of supporting artistic expression and the various art galleries that host some of the most incredible artworks by local artists.
In occasion of the celebration of the 74th Foundation Day of Angono, the local artists have decided to come together to create a multidisciplinary ensemble of different art forms.
The event, supported by the Angono’s Tourism office and Mayor Gerardo Calderon, will feature a paintings exhibition and a weeklong calendar of workshops and performances such as music concerts, poetry reading and dance.
Although, the town has previously witnessed similar exhibitions, this will be the first time for all the active artists to collaborate as one group.
If the event succeeds as expected, this will be an annual appointment in the town art’s calendar events.
  1. Event Outline
The event is called ‘Bayanihan: a convergence of Angono’s art expressions’. The theme refers to the concept of community spirit working together towards a common goal as all the artists and the local community of Angono will cooperate during the event. 
The event will take place from the 12th August to 18th August 2012 in various locations in Angono with a soft opening on the 10th August for the release of the magazine style exhibition catalog.
The exhibition and all the performances are free and open to the public. Workshops are free and open to a limited number of students.
The exhibition will include a selection of traditional realistic paintings, abstract and cutting edge contemporary style.
The idea is to produce an art itinerary that allows the visitor to explore the diverse styles that come from a common thread: Angono.
Angono’s Participating Artists
1)    Adamat Jie
2)    Aga Francisco
3)    Aguilar Jovert
4)    Alcantara Rodolfo
5)    Alcantara, Allan
6)    Almazar Dennis
7)    Andres Jovito ‘Bobet’
8)    Balagtas Brenie
9)    Balagtas Lito
10)Bautista Aaron
11)Blanco Dino
12)Blanco Gayle
13)Blanco Glenn
14)Blanco Jan
15)Blanco Joy
16)Blanco Norman
17)Blanco Peter Paul
19)Caringal Ricardo ‘Rading’
20)Cenina Joey
21)Ces Eugenio
22)Choco Jerome
23)Chrisostomo Ember
24)De Borjia Chito
25)Espiritu Ovidio III
26)Espiritu Ovidio Jr.
27)Francisco, Carlos ‘Totong’
28)Fuentes Melanio
29)Geneblazo Sarah
30)Hernadez Cesar
31)Juban Salvador ‘Badong’
32)Lugtu Norbert ‘Ambhet’
33)Miranda Keiye
34)Moreno Edwin
35)Natividad Adolfo ‘Boy’
37)Sausa Eric
38)Solis Noel
39)Supsupin Bernie
40)Tiamson Orville
41)Tuazon Wire
42)Unidad Weng
43)Val Charlie
44)Villaluz Alex
45)Villaluz Pepito
46)Vocalan Perdigon
47)Vocalan Rembrandt
48)Zapata Chitoy
 Guest International Artists
1)    Nino Quartana
2)    Olivia d’Aboville
The series of workshops include painting, photography and music.
Performances include poetry reading, string quartet concert, folk dance, etc.
All performances and workshops will be scheduled in two daily time slots based on the type of activities in order to match audience age group requirements.
The exhibition catalog will be launched at Manila Ocean Park on the day of the pre opening with the participation of exponents of the Manila art community, the local government officials, cultural attachee of the Italian Embassy and personalities from local and national media and then distributed at the exhibition in Angono.
  1. Event Objectives
The event has the following main objectives:
  • Showcase Angono, the Art Capital of the Philippines, in its unique and diverse combination of artistic talents.
  • Contribute to raise awareness towards the Angono culture and the arts to a wider audience. 
  • Demonstrate and bond community spirit.
  • Provide more art accessibility to local and nearby communities.
  • Promote educational activities for schools and younger audience.
  • Raise individual artists, performers and art associations visibility at regional and national level.
  • Create opportunities for intercultural exchange between artists as well as partners and sponsors.
  • Promote Art in general as a bonding, educational and unifying force.
  • Promote Angono tourism on a wider scale
  1. Event Organizers and supporters
The event is the fruit of a collaboration of and between the following organizations and their members:
1)    Angono Artists Association
2)    Angono Ateliers
3)    Ang Nuno Artists Foundation Gallery
4)    ACTCA Angono Council for Tradition, Culture and the Arts
5)    Blanco Family Museum
6)    Juban Studio
7)    Neo-Angono Collective
8)    Nemiranda Art House and Gallery
9)    Tiamson Art Gallery
And it is supported by the Municipal Tourism, Culture and the Arts Office and the Mayor Gerardo V. Calderon.
With the kind participation of the Cultural Department of the Italian Embassy in Manila.
5.    Activities
Alongside the visual arts exhibition the event will include the following activities:
  • Painting workshop by the Italian painter Nino Quartana
  • Photography workshop by international photographer Alex Villaluz
  • Transmedia art performance by artist Orville Dr. Tiamson and his group
  • Angono Chamber Orchestra concert conducted by Prof. Agripino Diestro
  • Poetry reading night performed by Angono poetry group
  • String Quartet Concert performed by UP University students
  • Mute film screening with live band performance 
  • Voice workshop by madrigal singer Alegria Ferrer
  • Various art activities and performances will involve students from the Angono schools (Blanco Academy and Regional Pilot School for the Arts).
  1. Reach and Target Audience
Through creating a varied gamma of activities that interest all age groups, channeling visitors between the exhibition and the performances, collaborating with schools and the municipality, the event will reach a wider audience.
By collaborating with the tourism Office this initiative will be included in the town tourism activities and will benefit of the municipality diffusion channels to reach other municipalities and their inhabitants.
With the support of the Mayor’s Office the event will benefit of the security coverage necessary to ensure safety and order are kept at all times during all public activities. 
The event target audience is the following:
  • All Angono community members (total population at 2007 statistics is around 100.000 people)
  • Other community members of other Rizal province of easy reach from Angono such as Taytay, Antipolo, Binangonan
  • Artists circles and associations members of Rizal province and beyond.
  • Manila art and cultural community, University art students
  • Students and teachers from Angono, Manila and neighbouring towns and schools (first grade to high school)
  • The Italian Embassy and the Italian art and cultural community members in Manila
  1. Contact Information
Event Director: Sara Luisa Siri
Address: 265 Carnation Street, Nieves Hills, Angono, Rizal
Mob. 09225546685
Cell (632) 651-0195

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