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July 11, 2012

Liberal Streaks- A Multi Media Exhibition at the MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in Manila, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Fundación Kapatiran Sandugo and Lopez Museum, opens a new show that invites a re-examination of collective and individual rights, liberty, and independence.
The exhibit, Liberal Streaks, is a commemoration and celebration of the bicentennial of the Spanish constitution. The 1812 Cadiz Constitution, known for its liberalism, advanced the concepts of separation of powers, rule of law and national sovereignty. It also espoused democratic rights such as press freedom, male suffrage and due process. Its importance went beyond the borders of Spain as it had a direct effect on Latin American colonies and had an influence on the crafting of the Malolos constitution.

Liberal Streaks is a multi media exhibition that explores the concept of democratic principles and institutions through the works of Filipino contemporary artists. Artists Nikki Luna, Louie Talents, Renan Ortiz, JuanBS, and the artist group Sanggawa employed references to the Cadiz constitution, focusing on the notions of democracy and liberal ideas. The events that lead to the Cadiz Constitution and the ideas linked to it are reviewed, dissected, and expressed through the current vision of these artists.

A parallel exhibit at the Lopez Museum, entitled Beat, is ongoing and will run until November 17, 2012. Beat was curated by Ambassador José María Cariño and Claro Ramirez. Featured in the Lopez Museum show are books on the constitution and other materials from the Lopez collection such as Juan Luna’s España y Filipinas, which is a dramatic visual reference to the relationship of Spain and the Philippines.

The bicentennial celebration started with an international acedemic symposium on the impact of the 1812 Cadiz Constitution on the 1899 Malolos Constitution and on the 20th-century Philippine Constitutionalism.

Liberal Streaks is part of the programs lined up in celebration of the 114th anniversary of the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day. Like the other cultural activities lined up for these occasions, it is a revalidation of the shared past, shared culture, and shared democratic aspirations between the Philippines and Spain. Liberal Streaks at the Met Museum is curated by Claro Ramirez Jr. and will open at the Upper Level Galleries on July 11, 2012. It will run until August 11, 2012.

Museum hours are from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday; closed on Sundays and first Mondays of the month and on holidays.

Contact Details:
For details on the exhibit, please call (63 2) 708-7829 or email:
Metropolitan Museum Of Manila
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Complex

Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Complex
A. Mabini St., Roxas Blvd.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Wednesday July 11, 2012 - Saturday August 11, 2012

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