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July 27, 2012

2012 NCCA Grants Program Call for Proposals

Grants Program
Through the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts (NEFCA), the NCCA provides assistance to artists, arts organizations, NGOs, POs, and NGAs through its NCCA Grants Program, and Institutional Programs (NCCA Outreach Program, Resource Person’s Bureau, Technical Assistance Program).

The NCCA Board of Commissioners, in coordination with the four Subcommissions (composed of 19 national committees), defines its thrusts and priorities anchored mainly on the NCCA vision:
Filipino culture as the wellspring of national and global well being
(Bukal ng pambansa at pandaigdigang kagalingan ang kalinangang Filipino)
Goals and Objectives Per Subcommissions

Interested individuals or groups can avail of the NCCA assistance by submitting a project proposal under the NCCA Grants Program, or file a request under NCCA's Institutional Programs (NCCA Outreach Program, Resource Person’s Bureau, Technical Assistance Program).
The deadline for submission of project proposals under the 2013 NCCA Grants, including accreditation requirements, and other requirements is on or before August 30, 2012. Proposals received after the deadline and/or with incomplete requirements will not  be processed and will be returned by the NCCA to the proponents.
Note: After the project has been implemented, please download, accomplish, and submit the following back to the NCCA:

Post-Implementation Forms

For inquiries on the NCCA Grants Programs, please get in touch with the Planning, Policy Formulation and Programming Division (PPFPD) at the following contact numbers: direct line-5272214, or trunkline no. 5272192: SCA (local 509); SCCTA (local 501); SCH (local 506); SCD (511). Email address: or
Request for Travel (Airfare) Assistance
(for participation to international events focused on culture and arts)
For individuals
Airfare: within Asia = P30,000 ; outside Asia = P50,000
For Groups
Airfare: within Asia = P100,000 ; outside Asia = P200,000.

Letter of request detailing the event (letter should be addressed to NCCA Chair Felipe de Leon, Jr.
Letter of Invitation from Organizers
Work to be done/performed
Background of event
Curriculum Vitae

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