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June 6, 2012

Works of Sigwada Gallery Summer Art Workshop Students

Start Em Young is an art exhibition featuring the works of students who took the Summer Art Class at Sigwada Gallery.

They have been taught by two art teachers, Marius Black and Averil Paras, both having exhibited thier works in various galleries and institutions.

The students are taught the basic and advance techniques in art ( Basic human anatomy, portraiture, still life, landscape, to name a few) but the teachers don’t suggest a single art style for the students. And the result?

The works are mostly primal; the students attack their canvases without fear, without hesitation, when they are given a task they immediately start and throw their ideas, as if they were in their own worlds.

The students in the Sigwada Art Class do not need to master painting, they do not need the finest of strokes and touches, and certainly they do not need to imitate a style. They create what they want, anything goes.

The students can freely experiment, explore what is art and paint what they feel in the attempt to interpret those feelings.

Contact Details:
For more details, please email:
Sigwada Gallery
Sta. Cruz

1921 Oroquieta St., Sta. Cruz
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Saturday June 9, 2012

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