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May 16, 2012

Kyoto Art Center: Artist-in-Residence 2013 for Visual Arts

Kyoto Art Center provides Artist-in-Residence programs for emerging artist and art researchers who wish to cultivate artistic creativities in Kyoto.
We call for artists and reserchers in performing arts and visual arts altenately. In 2013, the program is open to the artists and reserchers working in visual arts.

Application Deadline
Applications must arrive no later than June 30th (Sat), 2012
Please send by post or bring in KAC. E-mail and FAX are not accepted.

- Accommodation during the residency period. (Living expenses are not included.)
- Studio for creation at Kyoto Art Center.
  Note: Presentation space availability is discussed after the selection.
- JPY200,000.- for an individual or a group(not each member) for production and/or research.
- Publicity
- Assistance of a program coordinator.
Residency Period
Maximum 3 months between April 1st (Mon), 2013 to March 31st (Mon), 2014

How to Apply
Please submit 2 copies in Japanese or English:
- Application form
- Documentation of recent works or activities. (Less than 4 sheets with size A4)
Media material [CD-R or DVD/NTSC/region code 2] is compulsory for film or image works. DVDs must be edited within 10 minutes for each work. Name and the title must be written on the disc.
- Researchers must attach thesis or reviews. (written in Japanese or English)

-The submitted materials will not be returned.
-Application form must be typed or clear hand-written. Incomplete application will not be reviewed.
Detailed information can be downloaded here.

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