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April 13, 2012

Party Bantam Paintings by Jigger Cruz

Jigger Cruz is deconstructing his playful artistry into little pieces. Quite literally. Known for his frisky flair and idiosyncratic storytelling in his work, Cruz takes his visions into small canvasses that piece together a strange human experience - hanging situations and happenings that have no beginning or end.

In Birth of the Party Bantam Paintings, Cruz plays on the concept of “feeling the small capacity to survive giant struggles,” with an assortment of minute creations that showcase the “balance between the subject itself and layers behind it.” Rambled imagery and ideas fueled Cruz’s appetite to visualize the brawl of being stuck in a cramped-up battle ground, like suffocated soldiers fighting their own to find (or not find) survival.”

Instead of using angry, convulsing hues, Cruz focused on maximizing simple tones to lay out his vision. Cruz manages to bring out the signature chaos he’s known to possess through his paintings using “pale colors that we don’t recognize, without knowing where they start and end.”

According to Cruz, these small canvases have subjects that are stranded behind thick layers, masking the clear vision of the concept. For him, these creations are in need of rescue to handle the heavy paint strokes and bulks of texture. Cruz describes this body of work as an overload of “oil paints, different layers, details, chaos, bold colors and images combined in a small plane and horizon.”

For the first time, Cruz veers away from his over-the-edge, huge pieces in Party Bantam Paintings, experimenting on the limited space that mirrors societal opportunities. Bantam - meaning small, petite, diminutive and puny, is a whole new playground for Cruz’s inventive skill. In this unusual showcase of his art, Cruz shows the relationship between size and content; displaying how dimension can be portrayed through heavy blows and overlapping images. “These paintings could be finished or unfinished, like hanging situations that confuse us.”

Challenging his panoramic vision and transcending it into limited amounts of space, Cruz’s style has proven to be enigmatic - without size being a factor.

Camille Banzon is a Senior Writer for Clavel Sneaker Magazine and Entertainment Editor for International Business Times.

Contact Details:
For more information or inquiries please contact (63 2) 570-9815 local 7 or (63 906) 444-5183.
Secret Fresh

Ground Level, RONAC Art Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Sunday April 15, 2012 - Friday May 4, 2012

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