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April 12, 2012

John Malkovich Delivers Message for World Theater Week 2012

The Philippine Center of International Theater Institute/Earthsavers UNESCO Dream Center, led by its chairman Vilma Labrador and president Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, shares to the Filipinos the message given by actor John Malkovich on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of World Theatre Day.

World Theater Day is celebrated since 1961, one of UNESCO's International Theater Institute's major activities. However, in 2007, a proclamation was signed declaring March 22 to 27 as UNESCO-ITI World Theater Week and calling for its observance through Proclamation 1262.

Jean Cocteau delivered the first World Theatre Day mes­sage in 1962, and the list of past World Theatre Day mes­sen­gers includes , Vaclav Havel, , , Eugene Ion­esco, Ellen Stew­art, Richard Bur­ton, Luchino Vis­conti, Pablo Neruda, Laurence Olivier and .

Malkovich is the first American to deliver the said message.

Below is the message Malkovich delivers this year at the headquar­ters of in Paris on March 22.

I'm honored to have been asked by the Inter­na­tional Theatre Insti­tute ITI at UNESCO to give this greet­ing com­mem­or­at­ing the 50th anniversary of World Theatre Day. I will address my brief remarks to my fel­low theatre work­ers, peers and comrades.

“May your work be com­pel­ling and ori­ginal. May it be pro­found, touch­ing, con­tem­plat­ive, and unique. May it help us to reflect on the ques­tion of what it means to be human, and may that reflec­tion be blessed with heart, sin­cer­ity, candor, and grace. May you over­come adversity, cen­sor­ship, poverty and nihil­ism, as many of you will most cer­tainly be obliged to do.
“May you be blessed with the tal­ent and rigor to teach us about the beat­ing of the human heart in all its com­plex­ity, and the humil­ity and curi­os­ity to make it your life's work. And may the best of you — for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments — suc­ceed in fram­ing that most basic of ques­tions, ‘how do we live?' Godspeed.”
-John Malkovich

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