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March 8, 2012

Ten Effective Things To Remember as a Performer

I'm a member of a Chorale and every time we perform, we are guided by pointers  that really help us in our performance.    

Try to apply the following tips when you are performing:

  1. BE PUNCTUAL, GATHER or BE WITH THE GROUP one or two hours before curtain time (there may be last minute instructions etc.)
  1. RESPECT AUTHORITY (our choir director, coordinator, choreo instructor etc. order and discipline must be established in the group)
  1. PRAY TOGETHER before the performance
  1. PULL UP! – Be ready, enter the stage and perform with confidence

  1. UNDERSTAND the lyrics of the songs, SING FROM YOUR HEART and ENJOY doing them;   Also, IMAGINE THE MOOD we are trying to establish and flow with it.
  1. FOCUS (tune, lyrics, movements must be memorized beforehand to the extent that they will come out spontaneously or come out naturally as your second skin)
  1. CONNECT WITH THE AUDIENCE, TALK/SING to them (you have a message to portray)
  1. ALWAYS FACE the AUDIENCE.  When there’s movement in the stage do not turn your back on them. (This will preserve volume and harmony; Will also maintain that connection)
  1. GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT, YOUR 100%.   Aim for EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE. We may not walk this way again.
  1.  THANK THE LORD after the performance. Not everyone is blessed with a singing talent and the opportunity to share that talent for others to enjoy.

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