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March 14, 2012

Recommended Books for the promotion of Culture and Arts in the Philippines - Part 5

Bayanihan Vignettes
Edited by Carmen de Jesus Tiglao, Thaisa Ysonde de Jesus Tiglao.
About the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company’s journey in 50 years as a dance company.

Price: P500.00
Compendium of Philippine Laws and Jurisprudence on Culture and Arts
By Atty. Roseller L. Barinaga
A collection of  Philippine laws, jurisprudence, and other legal issuances that supports the development, propagation, and promotion of Philippine arts and culture.
Price: P90.00

Francisco Ricardo Monti in the Philippines
A catalogue about Francisco Ricardo Monti whose sculptural works are part of important landmarks and structure in Metro Manila and in other cities in the Philippines.

Price: P150.00
Haliya Anthology of Bikol Poets and Poems
Edited by Maria Lilia F. Realubit
Three part anthology of poets and poems, past and present.

Price: P150.00
Isang Sariling Panahon
By Rio Alma (Virgilio Almario)
Poems in the traditional short Filipino forms of tanaga, diyona, dalit and three Talingdaw.

Price: P200.00
Kuraldal Atlung Ari and Libad Bangka Nang Apung Iru: Beyond the Revelry
By Nina L.B. Tomen
This book gets into the heart of two of Pampanga’s grandest and most celebrated rituals: the Kuraldal Atlung Ari in Sasmuan; and Libad Bangka Nang Apung Iru in Apalit. Stories, images and insights of devotees and authorities on theology, social psychology, and Kapampangan history and culture.
Price: P300.00
By Jesus Genotiva
His poetry and artworks.
Price: P165.00
Mantala An Anthology of Philippine Literature 3
Edited by Herminio S. Beltran, Jr.
Literary Anthology focusing on West Visayan Literature
(vol. no. 3/ 2000)
Price: P150.00
Mindoro sa Panahon ng Digmaan 1941-1945
By Rodolfo Meim Acebes
About the life and experiences of Filipino soldiers during World War II.
Price: P372.50
My Daughter Cecile (SB)
By Rosario B. Licad
Interesting and refreshing chronicle covering twenty eventful years of the gradual rise to world fame of the phenomenal Filipina virtuoso pianist, Cecile Licad.
Price: P200.00
Santa Ana Church: A Historical Guide
Pictures and articles about the history of the parish of our Lady of the Abandoned: Sta Ana Church of Manila.
Price: P475.00
Survey of Public Library in the Philippines 2003-2005
By Juan C. Buenrostro, Jr.
This survey aims to obtain baseline data on public libraries in the Philippines for the library information Bank Project of the National Committee on Libraries and Information Services.
Price: P150.00
The Journal of History Vol. 54
Collected papers in the conference focusing on Mindanao and Sulu presented at the 28th National Conference on Local and National History of the Philippine National Historical Society (NHS) held at Misamis Occidental.
Price: P600.00
Tubod The Heart of Bohol
Edited by Ramon N. Villegas
Savors and discusses the history, art, and culture of the island. From the early prehistoric evidence, endemic flora and fauna, unique icons, santos and furniture, colonial church architecture, folk beliefs, food and recent development in the performing arts. Covering everything found in Bohol.
Price: P1,000.00
2nd Dumaguete Biennial Terracotta Art Festival Exhibit and Competition 2007
A catalogue of the project as mentioned on the title at Dumaguete on July 8-12, 2007.
Price: P160.00

All titles are available at the NCCA. For orders, please contact Anvil Publishing, Inc at +632-7471624 or (local orders) and (international orders). Some titles are available at select National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches nationwide. For more information on the titles, please call the NCCA Public Affairs and Information at 527-5529 or send an email to

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