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March 13, 2012

Recommended Books for the promotion of Culture and Arts in the Philippines - Part 4

A Chronology of Ilocos Norte History
A gathering of data about the Ilocos Norte History in chronological order.
Price: 276.00
Feminine Voices: Towards a New Millennium
This book is a directory of Filipino women literary artists, providing information on almost two hundred Filipino women writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, screenplay, teleplay, literary criticism, and other related fields.
Price: 300.00
Mountain Province
Designed to introduce the ethnolinguistic groups in the country.
Price: 80.00
Oral Literature of Ifugao
edited by Manuel B. Dulawan
The book about Ifugao and the Ifugao. It also classifies Ifugao oral literature into types and subtypes and provides sample pieces.
Price: 400.00
Shell Ornamentation
by Angel P. Bautista
A book about the description of the shell ornamentation decorated on the La Purisima Concepcion Parish Church in Guiuan, Eastern Samar.
Price: 300.00
Tabon Caves Complex
A guidebook for the Tabon Cave Complex in Lipuun Point, Quezon, Palawan. It aims to facilitate the appreciation of a very valuable natural and cultural heritage. It hopes to inspirit both the community members and visitors to celebrate the natural and cultural heritage in the complex, and to support the preservation of both.
Price: 342.00
The Ifugao
Designed to introduce the ethnolinguistic groups in the country.
Price: 80.00
The Iloko
Designed to introduce the ethnolinguistic groups in the country.
Price: 80.00
written by F. Sionil José
A novel about the life of an accidental hero during the Japanese occupation after he had escaped from Bataan in World War II.
Price: 150.00
Womb of Water, Breasts of Earth
This book is a contemporary epic in verse with the Greek epic and folkloric tradition, the Indian epic and mystical traditions, and the Philippine folk epic traditions as its frames of reference as well as modes of analysis.
Price: 150.00
Writ Hop
This book is a collection of essays presented by critics and young writers in two national conferences held under the auspices of the NCCA. This collection introduces us to young writers’ perspectives and analyses of new writing in the Philippines.
Price: 177.00
A resource book written by a group of volunteers, most of them connected with the Executive Committee on the NCCA. It discusses possible solutions to the many concerns of conservation, the ideal that each Filipino should assume stewardship of his heritage moves closer to reality.
Price: P101.50
Salvador F. Bernal: Designing the Stage
A singularly important book both for the breadth of its scholarship on the oeuvre of the first National Artist for Theater Design, Salvador F. Bernal, as well as for the intimacy of its portrait of the man whose creativity and erudition inform his every design. Tiongson’s trademark comprehensive scholarship is a perfect complement to the incredible scope of Bernal’s theatrical designs—more than 250 productions in theater and film—revealing a persistently bold, ambitious, and innovative artist.
Price: P2,800.00
An Maupay ha mga Waray ng Iba pa nga mga Siday
By Voltaire Q. Oyzon
Poetry collection
Price: P100.00
Ang Inahan ni Mila (Mila’s Mother)
By Austregelina Espina-Moore and Translated by Hope Sabanpan-Yu
A story of a beautiful woman, divorced wife, and dominating mother who hopes to secure all the privileges that she that she has been deprived of through her daughter, Mila.

Price: P150.00

All titles are available at the NCCA. For orders, please contact Anvil Publishing, Inc at +632-7471624 or (local orders) and (international orders). Some titles are available at select National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches nationwide. For more information on the titles, please call the NCCA Public Affairs and Information at 527-5529 or send an email to

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