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March 11, 2012

Recommended Books for the promotion of Culture and Arts in the Philippines - Part 2

National Commission for Culture and the Arts Publications - Part 2

Sanghaya 2005 (HB)
Edited by Bienvenido Lumbera
The latest volume chronicling the diverse artistic events that transpired in 2004. (also available Sanghaya 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004)
Price: P900
Pambansang Direktoryo ng mga Alagad ng Wika
Edited by Galileo S. Zafra
A compilation of information about individuals, organizations, academic institutions, research centers, and government agencies that continuously support Filipino language in order to promote its use as a national language. It is a practical guide for easy interactions and coordination between writers, educators and Filipino language users and supporters.
Price: P250

The NAMCYA Anthology of Phil. Choral Music Book Vol. 2
Edited by Verne de la Peña
A compilation of Philippine choral composition by 23 Filipino composers, with works made for children, youth, college and mixed choirs commissioned by NAMCYA from the late 1980s to 2003. Compositions represent styles of the late 20th century Philippine music.
Price: P300
Philippine Ballet Syllabus V-VIII
Written by Felicitas L. Radaic, Noordin A. Jumalon, and Vella S. Damian
The second part of the Philippine ballet syllabus made for teachers and students of ballet ages 15 and above. It contains the general and technical guidelines of teaching and practicing Classical Ballet in the Philippines.
Price: P450
Philippine Critical Forum
Edited by Jaime Biron Polo
A compilation of essays critiquing usual Filipino modes of knowing. With subjects like Academic Discourse, Post-structuralism, Filipino Films, Feminism and even Poetry.
Price: P250
Dila ng Bayan
Written by Isagani R. Medina
Compiled by Mirana R. Medina
This book is a collection of three interrelated articles on language history and culture by Dr. Isagani R. Medina. It is a part of a five-volume compilation of his essays titled "Mga Ani ni Gani," which was writtern from 1951 to 1995.
Price: P280
Ang Inukit na Kaalamang Bayan ng Paete
Written by Brenda V. Fajardo
A product of the writer’s three decades of research into Filipino sculpture. It tackles the different kinds of ukit or sculpture using the scalpel, from the Spanish era up to the present time. The writer also talks about the different traditions of ukit in the country particularly in Paete, Laguna.
Price: P550
Filipino at Pagpaplanong Pangwika (Sangfil 2)
Edited by Pamela C. Constantino
Compiles the papers delivered at the annual seminar-workshops of SANGFIL, one of the lead and active national organizations of teachers of Filipino in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The book includes essays by Virgilio Almario, Galileo Zafra, Mario Miclat, Rene Villanueva and Bienvenido Lumbera on a myriad of issues confronting the Filipino language today. It also contains position papers on topics pertaining to the use of English language in Philippine education.
Price: P500
Angels in Stone
Written by Fray Pedro G. Galende, OSA
A catagloue of the Augustinian churches and convents in the Philippines. An outline of history of over 160 Augustininan churches and convents still existing in their original or restored form.
Price: P3,000
Ranga Journal of Bikol Writing Vol. 2
The journal on Bikol writing with literary pieces, which students and teachers may use to supplement their learning. Ranga means comfort and this book is made to express art and to give comfort or to offer a means for a way out.
Price: P50
Film, Theory, Appreciation and Criticism
Written by: Corazon O. Castro and Rogelio L. De Los Santos
This book discusses the elements of theatrical film, the basic consideration in appreciating film art, the film form, systems, and aesthetics; and the general elements of fiction narrative film genre.
Price: P50

(out of stock)
Philippine Archives Directory 1991
A nationwide survey and comprehensive listing of government and private archives and archival holdings compiled by the National Committee on Archives of the Presidential Commission on Culture and the Arts in 1991. A gathered information through the use of questionnaire/ survey forms.
Price: P250
Batis ng Kasaysayan
Edited by Bernardita Reyes Churchill
It is recommended for use by researchers and historians as most of the book’s content are not readily accessible in other history journals. Documents included here are official documents such as decrees, proclamations, and other reports on the Philippines. Also included are documents on the establishments of a certain place, including materials on local and oral history, and annotations provided by contributing historians. For the first issue, the documents cover the period of 1898 to 1913.
Price: P300
Awiting Bayan para sa Korong Pilipino Songbook
Edited by Verne de la Peña
15 new choral works and arrangements in various Philippine languages. This new arrangements of songs are from a wide range of traditional sources, which are given contemporary treatment. This is recommended for use by choral directors and enthusiasts tired of performing the same frequently heard songs.
Price: P1,000
Ichbayat Folkways
Written by Yukihiro Yamada
It is a compilation of 30 years of research by the writer on the Itbayat people and their language. Itbayat is an island in the province of Batanes in the Philippines.
Price: P300

All titles are available at the NCCA. For orders, please contact Anvil Publishing, Inc at +632-7471624 or (local orders) and (international orders). Some titles are available at select National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches nationwide. For more information on the titles, please call the NCCA Public Affairs and Information at 527-5529 or send an email to

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