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March 3, 2012

PETA's Workshop Scholarship Fund


PETA pursues its education work through workshops conducted for different age levels and sectors.
Developed through the years, PETA’s workshop is based on the principle that every person regardless of economic status or education level has a potential mine of talent uniquely his or her own. This workshop curriculum is an effective instrument for bringing these talents to the fore.

PETA’s curriculum is not just about theatre but it also uses the multi-intelligence approach to foster learning on many different levels, a method PETA has evolved since the late 1960′s.
It is this powerful pedagogy that PETA intends to share especially with marginalized groups through scholarships.

Although the workshop is taught in the language of the arts the content is really about life skills with a strong focus on creativity and resourcefulness. After all, a creative person can always find solutions to real-life problems.

PETA gives workshops in Children’s Theater, Teen Theater, Theater Arts (for Adults), Creative Pedagogy to help teachers enhance classroom teaching.

Fund a scholar for P10,000 ($235) for a workshop using the powerful Integrated Theater Arts approach.

For more information, contact PETA through:
Phone: 632.725.6244
Fax: 632.722.6911 or 632.410.0821
Email: or

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