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March 4, 2012

Paolo Santos "Mr. Acoustic" latest album - How Sweet It Is

Paolo Santos Tells You 'How Sweet it Is'

Paolo Santos has one of the more enduring acoustic songs, in the much-loved rendition of “Moonlight Over Paris”. Fondly called “Mr. Acoustic” with his signature falsetto, he emerged as one of the most popular solo performers in the Philippines. In his latest album, How Sweet It Is, Paolo Santos pays tribute to his childhood, with a nicely crafted labor of love for one of the greatest American singer-songwriters, James Taylor.

According to Paolo, James Taylor was one of his inspirations, especially during his formative years. During a recent performance, Paolo confessed that he started listening to James Taylor when he was only 4 years old. The musical arrangements on How Sweet It Is are quiet and minimal. The main instrument, of course, is Santos’ exacting and powerful falsetto. Paolo keeps the tempos down and the songs seem to drift into each other. The collection has a comfortable and consistent feel to it, yet the originals seemingly would allow for more varied expression. 

The songs Santos chose for How Sweet It Is are admirable. Those who are curious enough to compile a playlist of the original versions of each track will be pleasantly surprised to hear a well thought out and varied mix of James Taylor’s repertoire. With most albums it’s easy to pick a few favorites and dismiss a couple of songs. With How Sweet It Is, no single song stands out over another, but nothing misses the mark either. Paolo Santos delivers a solid tribute to James Taylor, one of the greatest American singer-songwriters of all time. How Sweet It Is will be appreciated by both casual and serious fans of James Taylor and acoustic music.

How Sweet It Is, the latest album of Paolo Santos is available in music stores nationwide, for only Php300, exclusively under Ivory Music & Video.
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