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February 29, 2012

Why its more fun in the Philippines?

US envoy Ambassador Harry Thomas is spreading the good word: 

" It’s more fun in the Philippines"

US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

The jazz-loving diplomat, who has changed his tune. The change will most likely be music to the ears of Philippine tourism officials.

While the country prepares to roll out its new tourism slogan worldwide, US Ambassador to Manila Harry Thomas Jr. has been doing his part to spread the word that it is more stimulating in the Philippines.
“I can tell you honestly, it’s more fun in the Philippines,” Thomas said at a recent gathering of Filipino-Americans in San Francisco.

The diplomat, who is known to enjoy attending regional festivals throughout the country and to frequent local jazz clubs and concerts, was referring to the energized Philippine-US relations, improved international assessment of the Philippine economy and President Benigno Aquino III’s anticorruption campaign.

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