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February 23, 2012

Why I want to watch Olivia Newton John Concert Live in Manila

I belong to the Gen X people, where music of Olivia Newton John is one of the favorites, her greatest hits in the 80s like Physical, Xanadu and more are really memorable. Now hearing and seeing her sing is one of a lifetime opportunity that I should not pass. That is  why its high time to bring back the times, enjoy again her music and watch her sing live for the first time.

The much loved star of the 70s and 80s still continues to charm people everywhere. Newton-John is soulfully committed to every word she sings and I am always taken by the warmth of her voice....

I salute her continuing efforts to help find a cure for cancer and that is why Olivia's worldwide popularity is as strong as ever. I'm one of her million fans forever. Listening and watching her perform live is a big dream that will come true!. Can't wait of the Newton-John's Big Concert  in Manila.  I hope and pray this will happen.

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