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February 26, 2012

Senakulo - Moriones Festival

Moriones Senakulo 


Senakulo or Cenacle is a traditional play of the creation of everything up to Christ’s passion and death in most towns and cities in the Philippines during Holy Week.

From town plazas, churchyards or in theatres, people gather to witness and meet friends, chat and sometimes ogle and cheer their friends and family playing a part. Not that the audience are very attentive, but the story is quite familiar and usually their there for the sake of having fun.

One example is the authentic Senakulo in Marinduque. Senakulo is one of the highlights of Moriones Festival during the Lenten season. Starting from the cast, venue, stage, props, and other equipment were combined perfectly. It is like you are there witnessing the events that are happening in the present time. The realistic Senakulo of Marinduque pioneered way back in 1977.

Since then, it has been passed from generation to generation and has been very consistent on making the dramatic presentation of Senakulo more astounding. Furthermore, most of the participants say that this is their way to show their abstinence before and during the Lenten season. On the whole, Senakulo is one of the MUST SEE during your holly week stay here in the Philippines.

Visit the Philippines during lenten season and witness/experience the different culture and traditions of the people.


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