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February 23, 2012

A Different Way To Promote Music ( Pinoy Artist - Djembe Maker)

Djembe is a rope tuned skin covered drum play with bare hands

A Pinoy Artist is making  name in this musical instrument that has been popular in African nation. Romeo Ed  Abaigar is one of the noted  person making the Djembe instrument in the Philippines, He makes use of goat skin in creating this African instrument.

He has found a way to put his share in promoting music, though not as an instrumentalist but as instrument-maker.

He hand-crafts Djembe, a percussion instrument looking like a big version of bonggos and serves as accompaniment to another percussion called dunun.

Last January Ed Abaigar spearheaded, with the help of Singapore-based Djembe expert Kit Perez, a workshop for Djembe enthusiasts conducted at the Makati Youth Center in Makati.

Romeo Ed Abaigar
A character actor and theater artist who has appeared in TV Commercials and Teleserye like the recent "Amaya"

Abaigar says, “There’s a good future for djembe here to become popular among musicians, considering the positive energy it brings when playing it.”

Let us support and promote  Pinoy Artists!

For more information visit Kayumanggi Drums.. Philippine Djembe Community

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