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February 24, 2012

PETA's Summer Workshop

Summer is here and for sure most us are looking for activities for our children. Since I'm a theater enthusiast, I think theater workshops would be a great idea for my kids... after searching/surfing in the internet I found PETA's website and I just want to share some details on the summer workshop they are offering that you might be interested... 


• CHILDREN’S THEATER 2 (Ages 9-12)
• TEEN THEATER 1 (Ages 13-16)
• THEATER ARTS 1 (Ages 17 up)

• BASIC ACTING FOR THEATER: Theater for Artistic Development 1(Aspiring stage performers ages 17 up)
• CREATIVE MUSICAL THEATER: Theater for Artistic Development 2(Musically-inclined individuals ages 17 up)
• CREATIVE DANCE THEATER: Theater for Artistic Development 3(Movement and dance aficionados ages 17 up)
• CREATIVE PEDAGOGY: Theater-in-Education 1 (High school drama club advisers/moderators)

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) annual Summer Theater Arts Workshop offers creative learning in a fun and active way.  Courses run for an average of 12 to 20 sessions ending in a showcase performance for all participants from each of the different courses.

PETA’s Children’s Theater courses enable children to explore and experience music, movement and dance, visual arts, storytelling, drama improvisation, poetry and simple story writing.
Coupled with lots of fun and games, PETA’s creative processes will also develop and enrich every child’s imagination, inspiration, self-confidence, self-appreciation and appreciation of others, nature and culture.

The Teen Theater course challenges the experimental and adventurous nature of the youth through the unique PETA Integrated Theater Arts approach. The course mixes creative drama, creative sounds and music, creative writing, creative body movements and dance, visual arts as well as improvisational theater and new media, allowing teens to express their talents and articulate youth power as they mount their own original piece on relevant youth concerns as part of their recital.

Young aspiring actors, from 17 years old and up, can acquire fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes in improvisational theater production, theater history, theater appreciation, aesthetics and criticism through the Theater Arts course.

PETA is also offering various advanced courses. The Basic Acting course features a series of dialogues with seasoned theater artists, coupled with motivated acting exercises which can turn anyone into a budding stage actor.

The Creative Musical Theater course has sessions on voice, composition, performance and various music explorations.

Creative Dance Theater explores body and movement as media of artistic expression, and examines the rudiments of movement as a way to tell stories using various dance forms.

PETA’s Creative Pedagogy is a special course for formal and non-formal teachers and educators that demonstrates various creative methodologies, approaches and philosophies in the teaching of arts and academic subjects. 

For more information, contact us PETA through:
Phone: 632.725.6244
Fax: 632.722.6911 or 632.410.0821
Email: or

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