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August 11, 2011

PETA - The School of People's Theater


The School of People's Theater is the training arm of PETA. This unit is responsible for initiating and coordinating, systematizing and institutionalizing PETA's various efforts in developing people's theater curricula. The curricula is meant to support and enhance cultural, educational, and development initiatives of the various sectors and communities in the archipelago. The program of the SPT ranges from faculty and curriculum development, annual PETA summer workshop, outreach workshops, and the partnership program.

Theater For Empowerment

Forty years hence, PETA remains committed to its educational mission, which has kept the company grounded and connected to the lives of people. The continuing journey of PETA will be charted by its artist-teachers’ focus, commitment and passion to improve even further the use of theater for empowerment through education. The PETA pedagogy is sure to evolve and be enriched by PETA's creative partnership with people.

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