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August 7, 2011

PETA Programs - Kalinangan Ensemble

The Repertory Arm of PETA

At the helm of the performing arts program is the Kalinangan Ensemble (KE), the repertory arm of PETA. The artistic direction of KE is based on the essence of theater to communicate, empower and liberate both the artist and the audience. KE's work represents a consistent stream of artistic styles, genres, and disciplines that allow artists freedom, creativity, critical thought and expression. KE continuously strives to enrich Philippine aesthetics by rooting itself in local and traditional culture as well as through its openness to various creative forces from the international community. As one of the foremost Filipino theater companies, KE is at the cutting edge of the Philippine theater movement with its fearless delivery of truth through a palette of theatrical forms. For more than four decades, KE has trailblazed paths for others to emulate. The company is known for the continued use and assertion of the national language; the exploration of local,traditional, and experimental forms; the fearless exposition of truth during times of repression and censorship; and the defense of the most voiceless and vulnerable members of society express their life stories on stage.

KE's main function is to develop Philippine Theater through research, training, experimentation and production.

Performances at the Theater Center
Mobile productions touring schools and communities
Special commisioned work for local, national and international performances
Company training, laboratory and experimental theater

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